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Solar power plant turned into catwalk

Solar power plant turned into catwalk

 To revolutionise modern fashion presentation, model-entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh transformed the award-winning solar power plant, Gemasolar, into the world’s newest catwalk for her J Summer Fashion Show 2015 in Seville.

Italy seeks to blocks regional "anti-mosque law"

The Italian government has moved to block new building regulations for Lombardy which would make it virtually impossible to build any new mosques in the northern region, officials said Friday.

Architecture without people is dead space: French artist

Architecture was simply a tool for people to connect with their consciousness, and any created space without a user inside it was a dead zone, according to French artist-architect Gabriel Beckinger.

TV show 'Sanrachna...' to explore Indian architectural wonders

 New show “Sanrachna- Magic Of Ancient Architecture” will unearth India’s best kept architectural secrets and will showcase the country’s ancient monuments that have stood the test of time.

Digital exhibition: 'See' and 'touch' ancient Hampi in Delhi

Visitors were able to undertake a virtual walkthrough amid parts of the "digitally restored" world heritage site Hampi and explore its cultural and architectural richness at an exhibition that opened here today.

Japanese architectural innovations on display in Kolkata

An exhibition on modern Japanese architecture brings to the city the innovations in reconciling traditional and contemporary designs, experimental building styles and earthquake-resistant structures, a statement said Saturday.

Another British-era structure gutted in Shimla

Another British-era structure gutted in Shimla

 Minto Court, one of the last few iconic structures of the Queen of Hills, has been gutted. It joins a list of British-era buildings that went up in flames in the recent past.

Career in Architecture

Creating structures that suit the requirements of a 21st century world is a challenge. Gauri Rane finds out how architecture as a stream of study has changed over the years.

Student dies of injuries in `ragging` in Karnataka, FIR against students in Gujarat

A 21-year-old architecture diploma student, who suffered serious head injuries after being allegedly ragged by six of his seniors at a college in Bangalore, died in a hospital.

Islamic architecture of India caught on film

Taj Mahal may count amongst
the most stellar Mughal monuments in India but numerous lesser
known mosques and tombs, across the country stand testament to
the heritage of Islamic architecture.

Russia to build new security architecture in Asia-Pacific

Russia called for building
a new security architecture in Asia-Pacific Region based on
the principle of `indivisibility and equality`, saying that
India and China support the initiative.