NASA to map Greenland ice sheet summer melt

For the first time, the Laser Vegetation Imaging Sensor, or LVIS, is set to fly aboard NASA`s new C-130 aircraft to map Greenland`s ice sheet and surrounding Arctic sea ice following a summer`s melt.

Freak cyclone delinked from record low for Arctic sea ice

A new study has delinked an unusually large summer cyclone originating in Siberia from last year`s record low for Arctic sea ice.

Ocean currents play key role in predicting extent of Arctic sea ice

Researchers at MIT have developed a new method for optimally combining models and observations to accurately simulate the seasonal extent of Arctic sea ice and the ocean circulation beneath.

Arctic sea ice shrinks while Antarctic grows

Last month the world witnessed two opposite records concerning sea ice.

Sea level rise `may pose imminent threat to island nations`

Low-lying island nations that are threatened by the rising sea levels this century could see the disastrous consequences of climate change far sooner than expected, researchers say.

`Arctic sea ice will disappear within 4 years`

As sea ice shrinks to record lows, one of the world’s leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years.

Arctic sea ice decline may be behind current cold

Shrinking arctic ice could be triggering widespread cold outbreaks in the Northern Hemisphere in recent years.

Arctic changes could spell dire consequences

The first signs of dangerous climate change in the Arctic could spell dire consequences for the whole of humankind, scientists warn.

Arctic sea ice hits second-lowest level

The extent of sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean in September declined to the second-lowest on record, said experts.

Arctic Sea ice shrinks to second lowest level

Arctic Sea ice melted this summer to the second lowest level since record-keeping began more than 50 years ago, scientists reported Thursday, mostly blaming global warming.

Arctic sea ice `falls to record low`

The total volume of Arctic sea ice fell to a record low last year, according to a new study.