Fish to disappear from tropics by 2050 due to climate change
Fish to disappear from tropics by 2050 due to climate change

Large numbers of fish will disappear from the tropics by 2050 as temperatures rise, according to a new study that examined the impact of climate change on fish stocks.

Presidential visit helps India establish presence in key Arctic region

With the resource-rich Arctic region becoming the focus of heightened attention, President Pranab Mukherjee's visit to the two Nordic countries of Norway and Finland last week was a crucial step by India to assert its "willingness to have a strong presence in the Arctic Council and to work closely with" the eight countries of the region.

Climate change to drive fish away from tropics
Climate change to drive fish away from tropics

Large numbers of fish will disappear from the tropics by 2050 as temperatures rise, according to a new study that examined the impact of climate change on fish stocks.

Russia dispatches naval force to reopen Arctic base

Russia on Saturday sent six ships carrying personnel and equipment to a Soviet-era military base in the Arctic that it is reopening to bolster its presence in the region, Russian news agencies reported.

New DNA study explores history of Arctic's earliest people

A new research has explored the DNA of current and former people of Greenland, Arctic Canada, Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and Siberia showing that a variety of cultures survived the harsh climate for thousands of years.

Canadian PM bans Chinese media from Arctic trip

Toronto: Canada has banned journalists with China`s official news agency and the Communist Party newspaper from joining Prime Minister Stephen Harper on an Arctic trip, prompting complaints by Chinese reporters who say they`re being discriminated against.

Sunlight, not bacteria, key to CO2 in Arctic

Sunlight and not bacteria is the key to triggering the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) from material released by Arctic soils, says a significant study.

Arctic sea`s thick snow drastically shrinking

A new study had claimed that the thick snow on Arctic Sea ice has significantly lost its depth.

Putin, launching US-Russia oil project, touts `pragmatism`

President Vladimir Putin said Russia is still open for business with Western companies despite sanctions as he ceremonially launched a joint US-Russian oil exploration project in the Arctic.

Arctic new training ground for Mars exploration

A team of NASA scientists is testing new equipment in Nunavut, the northernmost territory in Canada, to better equip themselves for exploring Mars.

China to publish Arctic shipping route guide: State media

China will soon publish a guide to navigating the Northeast Passage, a recently opened shortcut to Europe through the Arctic, state media reported Friday in a further sign of the country`s polar ambitions.

Arctic`s melt season getting longer by five days per decade

Researchers have said that the melt season across the Arctic is getting longer by five days per decade.

Satellite images show Arctic surface darkening due to ice melt

Earth’s ability to reflect sunlight is diminishing due to drastic melting of sea ice in Arctic Ocean, a new study says.

US to name special envoy for Arctic

US Secretary of State John Kerry said he will soon name a special representative for the Arctic region to promote American interests there.

Storms cause havoc for families, schools in US Northeast

A winter storm that froze the US southeast in its tracks pushed north on Thursday, with driving winds and heavy snow snarling travel and closing many schools from Washington to Connecticut, creating havoc for winter-weary parents.

Brutally cold weather shuts schools, delays travel in US Midwest

Bitter cold and high winds surging down from the Arctic pushed wind chills to dangerous levels across the upper Midwest on Monday, forcing officials to close schools and warn drivers off roads, and slowing public transit and river traffic.

Is climate change behind US cold snap?

The arctic blast that brought record low temperatures across the US in the past few days has provided fuel for global-warming sceptics, even as scientists debate whether the extreme cold might, in fact, be a consequence of a warming climate.

Record freeze extends to eastern United States, at least nine dead

A deadly blast of arctic air shattered decades-old temperature records as it enveloped the eastern United States on Tuesday, snarling air, road and rail travel, driving energy prices higher and overwhelming shelters for homeless people.

Russia to expand air patrols in Arctic

The Russian Navy will expand its air patrol ranges in the Arctic in 2014, echoing President Vladimir Putin`s calls to strengthen the country`s presence in that region, media reported Friday.

Russia drops charges against 29 Greenpeace crew

Russian investigators have dropped charges against all but one of the 30 crew of a Greenpeace ship.