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New paper-based test offers easy, rapid, cheap check for Zika

A team of researchers has brought a cheap, fast and easy way to detect the Zika virus closer to reality.

Are US school shootings contagious?

In an observation, a study finds that mass killings and school shootings in the US are contagious - meaning one incident inspires other similar incidents.

Michael Phelps to follow coach Bob Bowman to Arizona

Michael Phelps to follow coach Bob Bowman to Arizona

Olympic legend Michael Phelps says he will stick with his long-term coach Bob Bowman, who last week was named Arizona State University`s (ASU) swimming coach.

Formula behind best-selling smartphone apps found

With more than 1,200 apps being released daily, an Indian-origin researcher and his colleague have discovered a number of ways to determine which smartphone apps will be the most successful.

Asteroid made bizarre diamonds on earth: Study

Scientists have long argued about the existence of a form of diamond called lonsdaleite associated with impacts by meteorites and asteroids.

Planet Mercury result of early hit-and-run collisions

Mercury and other unusually metal-rich objects in the solar system may be relics left behind by hit-and-run collisions in the early solar system, scientists say.

Scientists take step closer towards creating `artificial leaf`

Arizona State University scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf.

`Unusual primate` Ardi`s skull reveals links to human lineage

A new breakthrough has allowed scientists to expand the catalogue of anatomical similarities linking humans, Australopithecus, and Ardipithecus on the tree of life.

Indian student awarded in US for making novel water purifier

An Indian student studying in the US has been awarded for co-founding a company that creates cheap sensors for purifying water of harmful bacteria.

US may face more severe flu seasons: Study

American population will experience earlier and more severe flu seasons prompted by climate change, a new research has warned.

Voice keeps incest at bay in the wild

Voice recognition is one way that mammals in the wild avoid the dangers of inbreeding with paternal kin, researchers in a US university have found.

Humans used spears for hunting 200,000 years earlier than believed

Human ancestors were making spears to hunt 500,000 years ago – 200,000 years earlier than previously thought, a study has revealed.

Soon, a low-cost device to detect contaminated water

Researchers are working towards developing a simple and low-cost DNA based biosensor, a device that would help people in developing nations to detect contaminated drinking water.

Fruit fly may help in understanding evolution of sex

A developmental geneticist has used a common fruit fly to understand the evolution of sex and gamete function.

Bees can `turn back time` and reverse brain ageing

Older honey bees effectively reverse brain aging when they take on nest responsibilities typically handled by much younger bees.

Faintest distant galaxy discovered

Astronomers, including one of Indian-origin, have found an exceptionally distant galaxy ranked among the top 10 most distant objects currently known in space.

NASA team finds new way to spot osteoporosis early

NASA scientists have developed a new test which they claim can spot osteoporosis bone loss at the earliest stages of the painful disease.

`It`s time to get ready for human mission to Mars`

It is time to head to Mars, says a group of astrobiologists at Washington State University and Arizona State University.