Bradley Cooper in talks to play Lance Armstrong

Actor Bradley Cooper has formally been approached by director J.J. Abrams to star in a biopic on cyclist Lance Armstrong`s rise and fall from grace.

Bradley Cooper would love to play Lance Armstrong in biopic

Bradley Cooper has said that he would “love” to play Lance Armstrong.

Apollo 11 failure would have left Armstrong stranded on moon

On July 21, 1969, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin launched from the lunar surface and rejoined Michael Collins in orbit before the three men began their trip home.

Lost footage of Armstrong`s Apollo 11 moon landing `found`

The footage of astronaut Neil Armstrong descending from Apollo 11 lunar module has been found.

Armstrong finishes in pack on Day 1 in Ireland

Lance Armstrong finished in the main group of riders Friday in the opening stage of the three-day Tour of Ireland, his first race since his third-place showing in the Tour de France.

Contador hits out at Armstrong

Tour de France winner Alberto Contador on Monday launched a stinging attack on teammate Lance Armstrong, saying relations between the two were tense throughout the race.

Armstrong prefers Team Radioshack to Contador

Lance Armstrong admitted on Sunday he did not celebrate teammate Alberto Contador`s Tour de France triumph, preferring instead to go for drinks with the backers of his future outfit, Team Radioshack.

All-American team tunes into Armstrong for 2010

Lance Armstrong confirmed he will compete for at least one more year Thursday when his future team announced their imminent partnership with the seven-time Tour de France champion.