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Lady Gaga working on ARTPOP follow-up

Lady Gaga working on ARTPOP follow-up

Pop star Lady Gaga has confirmed that the follow-up to her last year's album ARTPOP is in the works.

Lady Gaga getting engaged?

Singer Lady Gaga`s boyfriend and actor Taylor Kinney is reportedly planning to propose to her soon, after two years of dating.

Lady Gaga thinks Lilly Allen is lovely

Lady Gaga has reverted back to Lilly Allen when she praised the singer about her musical risk taking with her latest album `Artpop`.

I have always been a big fan of hers: Lady Gaga on Lily Allen

Pop star Lady Gaga says she is a huge fan of singer Lily Allen and considers her a sweet person.

Allen calls Gaga `martyr`

Actress Lily Allen has described singer Lady Gaga as a "martyr" for choosing art over commercial success on her latest album "ARTPOP".

Lady Gaga shoots music video with `Real Housewives...` Stars

Lady Gaga has reportedly hired stars of popular reality show `The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills` for her upcoming music video.

Lady Gaga`s album to release in China

Pop star Lady Gaga is excited after her latest album `Artpop` was approved for release in China where her songs were banned three years ago.

Lady Gaga blames `Do What U Want` video delay on her team

Lady Gaga has claimed that the video delay of her single ` Do What U Want` was because of grave mismanagement.

Lady Gaga`s ARTPOP Ball tour to start from May 4

Pop sensation Lady Gaga`s much-awaited the ARTPOP Ball tour will kick off on May 4 next year at the BB&T Center in Florida, in support of her album.

Lady Gaga continues wacky dressing with `flying dress`

Lady Gaga, known for her wild fashion choices, chose to wear a “flying dress” during launch party of her new album ‘ARTPOP’.

Lady Gaga pressured to drop Diana song

Pop star Lady Gaga has been pressured by her record company to drop a controversial song about the late Princess Diana from her new album `ARTPOP`.

Lady Gaga says `Artpop` is like putting art onto soup can

Lady Gaga has claimed that her new album ` Artpop` is an attempt to bring culture into mainstream music, like putting art onto the soup can.

Lady Gaga`s latest outfit is pyramid mask made of hair!

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a yellow belted trench-coat under a long-sleeved fur bolero and a giant pyramid covering her head outside the Ritz Carlton hotel in Berlin.

Lady Gaga`s `Machete Kills` trailer features new song `Aura`

Lady Gaga`s upcoming movie debut `Machete Kills` features a new song from her album `ARTPOP`.

Lady Gaga allows fans to choose next single

Singer Lady Gaga has asked her fans to select the next single that she will release from her latest album ‘ARTPOP’.

Lady Gaga gets her nose pierced

Pop star Lady Gaga has got her nose pierced for her new video album `Artpop`.

Lady Gaga to debut new single at MTV Video Music Awards

Lady Gaga is all set to perform her as-of-yet-unnamed new single, which will be released on August 19, at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Lady Gaga goes au naturel in nude photo shoot

Lady Gaga, who is all set to release a new album ` ArtPop`, has posed completely naked for V Magazine.

Lady Gaga to launch `Artpop` in November

Pop star Lady Gaga will reportedly launch her new album ‘Artpop’ Nov 11.

Lady Gaga confirms rumours of documentary-project on her life

Pop star Lady Gaga has announced that she is making a film.