Bihar toppers fail to answer simple questions, to retake exams; govt orders probe

Bihar toppers fail to answer simple questions, to retake exams; govt orders probe

The Bihar School Examination Board has ordered a probe into the exam results and on examiners after a sting operation allegedly showed one of the state-level toppers mispronouncing 'Political Science'.

Jun 01, 2016, 17:26 PM IST

Admissions 2015: Know India's best ranking Universities

As the admission process is in full swing, check out this survey to know which colleges/ universities are best for you!

Jul 04, 2015, 14:59 PM IST
'Golden age' of animal tracking is here

'Golden age' of animal tracking is here

 Animals wearing new tagging and tracking devices would give one a real-time look at their behaviour and at the environmental health of the planet, a new study shows.

Jun 14, 2015, 14:46 PM IST

Arts and craft activities may help preserve memory

People who participate in arts and craft activities and socialise in middle and old age may delay the development of thinking and memory problems that often lead to dementia in very old age, according to a new study.

Apr 11, 2015, 10:04 AM IST
Five things that can fix the ills of broken school system in India

Five things that can fix the ills of broken school system in India

Education should be a balance of quantity and quality. In India, while we have substantially achieved the former, fulfilling the latter is a tremendous challenge.

Mar 04, 2015, 15:12 PM IST

Russia cracks down on swearing in arts and media

Russia`s media watchdog vowed to crack down on swearing on Tuesday after President Vladimir Putin signed a wide-reaching law banning the use of obscenities in films, theatre and mass media.

May 06, 2014, 22:54 PM IST

Admission Alerts

Here are some vital info regarding admissions into prestigious arts, management, law and medical colleges.

Mar 18, 2014, 18:14 PM IST

Srinagar to host national level Mushaira

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is all set to host a national level poetry recitation event in which famous poets of the country will take part.

Nov 17, 2013, 20:44 PM IST

Art is marginalized by science, says Padma Bhushan dancer

Padma Bhushan Alarmel Valli, who is one of the leading Bharatnatyam dancers in India, stressed on the need to give arts and humanities equal importance in the country.

Nov 15, 2013, 21:30 PM IST

Arts-based activities may boost toddlers` skills

Parents taking part in interactive and arts-related activities with their toddlers could boost their kids` happiness and everyday skills, a new study has found.

Jul 04, 2013, 18:10 PM IST

Angst is new mantra of Indian progressive arts

The new performing arts of contemporary India are chanting the mantra of social angst and the slow transformation the country is going through on the road to a new order.

Jan 06, 2013, 11:21 AM IST

More to performing arts than just stage

Careers in performing arts now lie behind the scenes.

Mar 31, 2011, 09:01 AM IST