Outgoing Afghan president downsizes retirement home

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has decided a lavish residence specially built for his imminent retirement is too big and he will move into a more modest home instead, an official said Thursday.

US urges Afghan candidates to respect election count

The United States urged Afghanistan`s presidential contenders to respect an audit of election results Monday, after candidate Abdullah Abdullah claimed that ballot-rigging had cost him victory.

US urges Afghan rivals to resolve disputed vote

US President Barack Obama today urged the rival candidates in Afghanistan's disputed election to come to an agreement on a national unity government to end the crisis over the vote.

Karzai packs up even as Afghan election dispute rumbles on

Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai has packed up all his personal possessions and is ready to leave the palace, his spokesman said Thursday, even though the disputed election has failed to find his successor.

Afghan election in crisis as candidate pulls out of audit

Afghanistan`s fraud-hit election teetered on the brink of collapse Wednesday as one of the two candidates boycotted the UN-supervised vote audit set up to end a prolonged dispute over the rightful winner.

New Afghan president to take office September 2: Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said his successor would take office on September 2, despite a slow-moving vote audit designed to eliminate fraudulent ballots cast for the two contenders.

Afghanistan hits a deadlock again, halts presidential poll audit

A recounting of votes in the Afghan presidential elections, which was scheduled to begin on Saturday after several delays, has been put on hold again.

Attempts to resume Afghan vote audit stall over disagreement

Attempts to resume the audit of Afghanistan`s presidential election stalled Saturday as candidate Abdullah Abdullah disagreed over the criteria to address alleged fraud in the June run-off election.

Obama asks Afghan prez candidates to accept election results

US President Barack Obama has asked the two Afghan presidential candidates, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani to publicly endorse their previously agreed political framework and insisted there is no justification for rhetoric that threatens extra-constitutional measures.

Afghan vote audit goes slowly as problems arise

Four days after Afghanistan began a massive audit of millions of votes cast in the run-off presidential election, disagreements and a shortage of observers have slowed progress.

Afghanistan to begin massive vote audit: Official

The Afghan election commission is set to start on Wednesday an unprecedented audit of all 8.1 million votes cast in the June 14 run-off presidential election, an official said.

Auditing of ballots in Afghan polls not end of impasse: US

The agreement between the two Afghan presidential candidates on auditing of ballots by US-led international team is the beginning of a "very arduous" process and is not the end of the current political impasse, a senior American official said on Monday.

Disputed Afghan election to be recounted in full

US State Secretary John Kerry convinced Afghanistan`s feuding presidential candidates on Saturday to agree to a total recount of last month`s presidential election, which has threatened to split the country along ethnic lines.

Afghanistan presidential polls: Votes to be audited, says Kerry

In what could be seen as an end to the dispute between the two presidential candidates of the Afghanistan election over the results of the polls last month, former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah have agreed to an audit of the vote, as per news reports on Saturday.

Kerry, candidates to hold second day of meetings on disputed Afghan vote

US Secretary of State John Kerry held meetings late into the night on Friday in an effort to resolve Afghanistan`s disputed presidential election, warning the two candidates that the country`s transition to a self-reliant state hung in the balance unless the credibility of the vote was restored.

Afghan presidential hopeful Ghani backs `extensive` audit

Afghan presidential hopeful Ashraf Ghani, who emerged victorious in the preliminary results of his country`s runoff presidential election, Friday backed an extensive audit of the bitterly disputed polls.

Kerry arrives in Afghanistan for talks on resolving disputed election

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Afghanistan on Friday for talks with the country`s two presidential candidates on resolving a disputed election.

Obama asks Afghan prez candidates to refrain from violence

In an unusual personal intervention in a foreign election, US President Barack Obama has asked the two presidential candidates in Afghanistan`s disputed polls to maintain calm and threatened to cut-off American aid if "extra-constitutional" steps are taken.

Obama made a phone call to Abdullah Abdullah Monday night and then followed it up with a call yesterday to Abdullah`s rival Ashraf Ghani.

US warns Afghans against forming ``parallel government`` amid protests

The United States warned on Tuesday it would withdraw financial and security support from Afghanistan if anyone tried to take power illegally, as supporters of a presidential candidate rallied in Kabul for a parallel government.

Afghanistan`s Abdullah rejects election result as "coup" against people

Afghan presidential contender Abdullah Abdullah`s camp rejected preliminary results of last month`s run-off election on Monday as a "coup" against the people, putting him on a dangerous collision course with his rival, Ashraf Ghani.

The Independent Election Commission announced on Monday that Ghani won the June 14 second round with 56.44 percent of the vote, according to preliminary results. The tally might change when the final official numbers come out on July 22.