US benefits from a capable Indian military: Carter

As the US initiated a range of country-specific measures to give a new thrust to its defence relationship with India, a top Pentagon official has said that America benefits from a strong and capable Indian military.

Pakistan flirted with terrorism as state policy: US official

A day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked Pakistan to shun terrorism to make peace with India, a top US defence official suggested that over time Islamabad "flirted" with terrorism as state policy.

Pentagon to field 4,000-strong cyber squad

The US Defense Department is close to launching a roughly 4,000-person cyber squad devoted to conducting cyber offence and defence operations, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.

`US is not trying to contain China in Asia Pacific`

Deputy Secretary of Defence, Ashton Carter, told a Washington think-tank that the US was not trying to contain China in the region, rather, it was reaching out to the country.

US-India ties are global in scope: Pentagon

India is key part of efforts of Obama Administration to rebalance its Asia-Pacific posture to the broader security and prosperity of the 21st century, a top Pentagon official said.

Carter to focus on strengthening defence ties with

Ashton Carter is the top Pentagon official to travel to India after the last month`s highly successful India visit of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

F-35 now `unaffordable`: Defence official

The F-35 fighter jet is set to replace a large part of the US warplane fleet.