Top military leaders of US, Japan and S Korea meet in Hawaii

Top military leadership of the US, Japan and S Korea have met in Hawaii to discuss the evolving security environment in the Asia Pacific region and exchange views on regional security issues, the Pentagon said.

High economic growth key to poverty reduction: President

President Pranab Mukherjee Monday emphasised the importance of high economic growth for poverty reduction.

Chinese think-tank warns of military clashes with Japan

A Chinese think-tank has warned that China may get involved in a military conflict with Japan over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, as "big powers" have intensified their efforts.

Conflict in Asia Pacific region not in China`s interest: Biden

US Vice-President Joe Biden said it was in the interest of China that the current tension in the Asia Pacific region, does not result in a conflict.

`Look East policy brings India into Asia Pacific’

Lauding India`s "Look East" policy, outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that America supports New Delhi`s move to weave it into the fabric of Asia Pacific region.

`US is not trying to contain China in Asia Pacific`

Deputy Secretary of Defence, Ashton Carter, told a Washington think-tank that the US was not trying to contain China in the region, rather, it was reaching out to the country.

India to deepen ties with Asia Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region termed as the
"center of gravity" for global opportunities, and New
Delhi would deepen its engagement with the region.

India`s sales effectiveness lowest in APAC region

India needs to significantly improve its performance when it comes to sales effectiveness, as it is far behind its peers in the Asia Pacific region in terms of engagement of the sales force with a particular brand, a survey says.