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Discrimination, alcohol, tobacco tied to panic attacks in minorities

Racial and ethnic minorities and women who encounter discriminatory sentiments and actions are more likely to experience panic attacks.

Asian groups file complaint over Harvard admission practices

A group of Asian Americans are complaining that Harvard University and other Ivy League schools are using racial quotas to admit other students instead of high-scoring Asians.

Millions of Asian men are descendants of Genghis Khan, 10 other kingpins

A new study has revealed that millions of modern Asian men have descended from 11 powerful dynastic leaders who lived up to 4,000 years ago, including Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan.

David Cameron wants to see Britain's first Asian PM one day

 Prime Minister David Cameron has exuded confidence that a British Asian would take on his role in the near future.

Why Asians may be at increased risk of heart disease

A genetic mutation that occurs predominantly among people of East Asian descent disables a common metabolic protein called ALDH2, encoded in the gene, and leads to an increased risk of heart disease and poorer outcomes after a heart attack, says a study.

Indians, Asians fast becoming politically relevant in US: Report

With Indians and other Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders growing in number at a fast pace, people of colour will be in the majority in the US by mid-century, according to a new report.

Asians 11 times more likely to be stopped at British airports: Study

Asians are reportedly 11 times more likely to be stopped at British airports and ports compared to whites, a new study has revealed.

New York Police issues memo to clarify Indians are Asian too

A person`s race is noted in police reports when a crime suspects are described by a victim. It is also noted on UF-250s - the stop, question and frisk reports.

Asians at different risk from TB than other nationalities

Researchers have discovered that the immune response to the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) varies between patients of different ethnic origin.

Kate Gosselin defends `slanted eyes` photo

Kate Gosselin, who was criticised for slanting her eyes in a photo, has slammed reports that she was mocking Asians.

TLC star Kate Gosselin appears to mock Asians in Twitter snap

Kate Gosselin has sparked controversy by appearing to make fun of Asians, by pulling back the skin around her eyes, in a newly surfaced pic on Twitter on Sunday.

BBC accused of insulting Muslims in new sitcom

BBC has received more than 200 complaints after broadcasting the first episode of `Citizen Khan` accusing the sitcom of being guilty of "stereotypes about Asians" and "disrespectful to the Koran".

Australia: Asians targeted in migration scam

A conman is estimated to have stolen over USD 2 million for fraudulent migration claims.

Body weight influences death risk among Asians: Study

People of normal weight are far less likely to die from any cause compared to individuals who were overweight or obese.

Body weight influences death risk among Asians: Study

People of normal weight are far less likely to die from any cause compared to individuals who were overweight or obese.

`Racist’ H'wood only wants Asians to play terrorists: Dev Patel

Dev Patel thinks that Hollywood is institutionally racist, as it only wants Asian actors for the roles of terrorists, taxi drivers or geeks.

Global crisis to drag 21 million Asians into poverty

The global financial crisis could drag 21 million people of the Asia-Pacific region into extreme poverty, a UN and Asian Development Bank report said Wednesday.

Too many Asians in Britain, Thatcher had complained

Former prime minister Margaret
Thatcher had complained about too many Asian immigrants being
allowed into Britain while she had less objections about white
settlers in the country.

UK Asians hiring contract killers in India: Report

Britons of Indian origin have been hiring contract killers in India to murder targets such as friends and family members during their visits to India, an investigation has revealed.