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Cambridge probes hacking claim by Assange supporters

The University of Cambridge launched a probe following claims by a computer group that it had hacked into its departments .

UK lawmaker criticized over Assange rape comments

Activists say an outspoken British lawmaker must retract his claim that sex crimes allegations against Assange do not constitute rape.

WikiLeaks` Assange awarded top Sydney peace prize

Julian Assange has been awarded for "exceptional courage in the pursuit of human rights".

Assange’s painting wins Bald Archy prize

A painting of Julian Assange has won this year’s Bald Archy prize.

US request for Twitter account details `outrageous`: Assange

Washington wants Twitter to give info on the accounts connected to WikiLeaks.

UK: Assange awaits extradition verdict today

Assange would be tried behind closed doors in a flagrant denial of justice.

WikiLeaks` Assange faces extradition hearing

A two-day hearing that begins Monday will decide Assange`s legal fate.

WikiLeaks seeks more media partners

WikiLeaks intends to rope in 60 news organizations from around the world.

We’re stepping up release of leaked documents: Assange

WikiLeaks will step up its publication schedule of secret documents, founder Julian Assange announced on Tuesday, promising more revelations based on the group’s stash of confidential US embassy cables and other leaks.

Assange hires PR firm to rebuild ‘ruined’ image

Assange has appointed a PR firm to repair the damage done to his his image.

WikiLeaks founder Assange parties it up on Christmas

Troubled WikiLeaks’ founder Assange partied hard on Christmas day.

Assange signs $1.5 mn autobiography deal

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he has signed contracts worth $1.5 million for penning his autobiography.

WikiLeaks` Assange paid 66,000 euros in 2010

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was paid 66,000 euros in 2010 as the whistleblower website grappled with ballooning costs with legal battles, clamp down in donations and decision to pay salaries to its select staffers.

Now secret Swedish police file on Assange leaked

The report sheds new light on the alleged sexual misconduct
by Assange.

WikiLeaks` Assange says work to go on

WikiLeaks` founder Julian Assange was freed on bail on Thursday after 9 days in a London jail.

Assange blasts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal for blocking cash

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has
blasted top payment companies from behind bars for blocking
donations to his website, saying he was determined to continue
revealing government secrets.

Assange may surrender to British police

WikiLeaks founder may surrender to British police for questioning in a rape case.

Swiss cut off bank account for WikiLeaks` Assange

The setback leaves Assange with few options for raising money for Wikileaks.

`Charge against WikiLeaks founder not political`

Sweden has dismissed suggestions that the case against Assange is politically motivated.

Obama should resign if approved UN spying: Assange

The WikiLeaks founder has claimed that Barack Obama approved spying on UN officials.