Astronauts at high risk of dementia-like condition

What happens to an astronaut's brain during a mission to Mars? Nothing good. It's besieged by destructive particles that can forever impair cognition, reveals a new study.

SpaceX to test life-saving crew capsule next week

SpaceX is set to blast off a crew capsule on May 6 to test an astronaut rescue system designed to save lives in case of an emergency in a human spaceflight, NASA said.

Astronaut Hadfield to release first space album

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is taking music to intergalactic heights with the first album written and recorded in space.

Live out your Neil Armstrong fantasies with new 'space sweatsuit'

A new relaxed fit space sweatsuit, named Apollo 11 sweatsuit, has been recently developed that will help people feel like an astronaut.

20 percent Brit kids believe Jesus is Chelsea footballer

A new survey has revealed that around 20 percent kids believe that Jesus is a Chelsea footballer or many other think that he is an astronaut.

NASA to develop 700-calorie breakfast bars for astronauts
NASA to develop 700-calorie breakfast bars for astronauts

NASA has been working on developing breakfast bars that will replace typical 700- to 800-calorie meal that an astronaut requires.

Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew
Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew

For the 21st-century spacewoman, gender is a subject often best ignored.

UFO watching NASA astronauts on ISS spacewalk?
UFO watching NASA astronauts on ISS spacewalk?

A latest NASA video showing a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) has captured a blurry object behind an astronaut.

Google Glass not an optimal tool for space tasks: NASA

The upcoming eye wearable device Google Glass is "not an optimal tool" for handling operational procedures and tasks in a simulated space environment, NASA astronauts have revealed.

US may be in `worst position` of space exploration, fears Buzz Aldrin

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin has recently shown his concerns over US losing its position at the forefront of space exploration.

Astronaut to give university speech from space

University of Connecticut alumnus Rick Mastracchio would have liked to deliver this year`s graduation address to the school of engineering in person. But he`ll be out of town on May 10, orbiting the globe on the International Space Station.

Apollo 8 astronaut marks 1968 broadcast to earth

A US astronaut who was aboard the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon is marking the mission`s 45th anniversary in front of a piece of the actual spacecraft.

Water in ageing spacesuit caused problems for spacewalking astronaut

NASA`s Mission Control has revealed the root cause of the problem that prompted the early end of the latest spacewalk: Water in leading spacewalker astronaut`s 35-year-old spacesuits.

Pakistan keen to be 1st foreign nation on China`s space station

Bilal said this after a Chinese space official said that they are willing to open its future space station to foreigners.

Top 10 incredible facts: Spacewalks and Spacesuits

Each time an astronaut (or a cosmonaut if Russian) gets out of a spacecraft while in space to do important tasks, it is called a spacewalk — also known as an Extra-vehicular activity (EVA).

UK`s first astronaut to go on space mission in 2015

Britain`s first "official" astronaut, 41-year-old Major Tim Peake, has been selected to go on a five-month mission to the International Space Station in 2015, a media report said on Sunday.

Salma Hayek wants to be an astronaut

Mexican actress Salma Hayek says she would love to be an astronaut if she was not in the film industry.

Why astronauts’ immune systems don’t work well in space

Astronauts suffer from several types of stress while adapting to weightlessness in space.

Justin Bieber wants to be an astronaut

Justin Bieber has revealed his desire to become an astronaut and said that he would consider joining Ashton Kutcher on his trip into space.

`Russia can help ISS astronauts with rehabilitation`

Russia is ready to offer its medical expertise in the post-flight rehabilitation of astronauts from partner countries on the International Space Station.