Germany beefs up asylum rules as half a million cross Mediterranean

 Germany toughened rules Tuesday for asylum seekers from the Balkans as Europe struggled to cope with a record surge in migrants, with those crossing the Mediterranean exceeding the half a million mark.

Asylum seeker arrested in Denmark after police stabbing

Danish police on Tuesday arrested a Palestinian man suspected of stabbing a policeman at the country`s largest reception centre for asylum seekers, which had sparked a manhunt in the area.

Angela Merkel seeks German unity on migrant crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday urged Germans to bring back the spirit of the country`s reunification in 1990 to help face today`s challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants.

Montenegro prepares for migrants influx

Montenegro is preparing for the likely influx of migrants from Syria and beyond as they carve out a new path on their journey to Western Europe, the government said Friday.

Sweden coping with refugee inflow, may use prisons as housing

Sweden could use empty prisons and army barracks as emergency shelter for record numbers of refugees arriving in the Nordic country, the government said on Friday.

Finnish government condemns racist attack on refugees

Finland`s government condemned a racist protest in which demonstrators -- including one dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit -- attacked a bus transporting asylum seekers in the early hours of Friday.

Bangladeshis among asylum seekers in Europe

 There are Bangladesh nationals among the thousands of asylum seekers in Austria, a media report said.

Germany frees up funds for refugees, speeds up asylum procedures
Germany frees up funds for refugees, speeds up asylum procedures

 The German government decided to free up additional three billion euros ($3.35 billion) for federal states and municipalities to help cope with this year`s record influx of refugees and migrants, a joint statement by the ruling coalition issued on Monday said.

German police say five people hurt in fire at refugee shelter


Berlin: The German Police said on Friday five people were injured when a fire broke out at a refugee shelter in the town of Heppenheim in the West German state of Hesse.

Migrant chaos at Budapest train station; Germany says EU rules still hold
Migrant chaos at Budapest train station; Germany says EU rules still hold

Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest`s Eastern Railway Terminus on Tuesday demanding they be allowed to travel on to Germany, as the biggest ever influx of migrants into the European Union left its asylum policies in tatters.

Migrant trains reach Germany as EU asylum system creaks
Migrant trains reach Germany as EU asylum system creaks

Trainloads of migrants arrived in Austria and Germany from Hungary on Monday as European Union asylum rules collapsed under the strain of a wave of migration unprecedented in the EU.

Sikh asylum-seekers freed from US jail after hunger strike

Twenty of the 22 Indian Sikh asylum-seekers, who were on hunger strike for over two weeks at a detention centre in Florida protesting against alleged unfair practices by immigration department, have been released on bond to fight their cases.

22 Indians on hunger strike in Florida jail

As many as 22 Indian asylum-seekers, all of them Sikhs, are on a hunger strike in a Florida jail, demanding that a local court should hear their bond hearing, prompting a US civil rights group to seek federal government intervention.

Fears of humanitarian crisis in Serbia as refugees stream in

At the crack of dawn hundreds of refugees, most of them Syrians, stream into Serbia`s southern valley of Presevo after a perilous journey they hope will lead to a new life in the European Union.

Russian gay couple gets asylum in Finland: Report

A Russian gay couple has been granted asylum in Finland because of the discrimination they faced at home over their sexual orientation, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported on Friday.

Danish govt plans to cut refugee benefits to slow migrant flow

Denmark`s newly-elected government plans to halve the benefits refugees receive from the state in an effort to slow the flow of asylum seekers into the country, a minister said on Friday.

France says no to asylum for WikiLeaks` Julian Assange
France says no to asylum for WikiLeaks` Julian Assange

 The French government rejected an asylum request from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday, saying he did not face "immediate danger". 

Hungary reverses decision to suspend key EU asylum rule: Official

 Hungary on Wednesday reversed its decision to suspend a key EU rule on the processing of asylum claims, announced a day earlier.

Hungary suspends key EU asylum claim rule

Hungary has suspended the application of a key EU asylum rule, according to which a migrant`s claim should be processed in the EU country they first arrive in, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

France, Italy, Germany act to defuse spat over allocation of migrants

France, Italy and Germany agreed on Tuesday to join forces to identify migrants arriving by sea and to swiftly relocate them across the European Union or send them back to their home countries if their claims for asylum in Europe are rejected.