Swiss say 'no thanks' to basic income for all

Swiss say 'no thanks' to basic income for all

Final results in the referendum showed 76.9 percent of voters opposed the initiative to provide an unconditional, basic income (UBI) to each Swiss national, along with foreigners who have been legal residents for at least five years.

UK grants asylum to Maldives' ex-president Mohamed Nasheed

UK grants asylum to Maldives' ex-president Mohamed Nasheed

A prominent human rights campaigner and Maldives' first democratically elected president, 49-year-old Nasheed had been allowed to go to Britain in January for the for spinal cord surgery following a deal brokered by Sri Lanka, India and the UK.

Patriarch tells EU to open doors to migrants: `Some may be angels`

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I reiterated that Christians have a moral duty to show hospitality to strangers.

Austria slams Germany over misleading refugee information

The Austrian government has accused the German government of releasing misleading information which may keep the refugees within its territory, the media reported on Friday.

Tensions rise in Sweden after killing of asylum centre worker

In 2014 and 2015, Sweden, where 20 percent of the population has foreign origin, took in 245,000 asylum seekers, more than any other EU country per capita.

Berlin to list Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia as `safe countries of origin`: Vice chancellor

Germany will place Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on the list of "safe countries of origin", Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel announced Thursday, in a move that will make it easier to reject asylum requests from those nationals.

Sweden plans to expel up to 80,000 asylum-seekers: Minister

Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose application for asylum has been rejected, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said on Wednesday.

France welcomes more refugees amid tough control

France is to open its doors to more refugees coming notably from Syria as part of the "solidarity quota" agreed by the European countries, the media reported.

Austria to `turn away` migrants aiming to pass through Germany

Austria to `turn away` migrants aiming to pass through Germany

Germany has been turning away a growing number of migrants at its border with Austria, sending hundreds back into Austria every day.

90,000 asylum claims in Austria in 2015: Govt

Austria registered 90,000 asylum claims in 2015, government figures showed on Tuesday, a rise of more than 200 percent compared to 28,000 the year before and just 11,000 in 2010.

Germany to speed up asylum process

Germany has unveiled plans to speed up the asylum process, after the governing coalition resolved a rift on the issue, a media report said on Friday.

Angela Merkel to hold talks with coalition partners on refugee crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold emergency talks with the leaders of her two coalition partners over the weekend in a bid to resolve a dispute over tackling the refugee crisis, which is threatening to tear apart her two-year old government, as thousands of asylum seekers continued to stream into this country.

Migrants at British base in Cyprus claim asylum

Some of the 114 migrants who arrived recently by boat at a British airbase in Cyprus have asked for asylum, the British military said on Saturday, but their fate remains in limbo.

'Islamic State recruiting from Norway asylum camps'

Islamic State (IS) extremists have been spotted attempting to recruit refugees from asylum camps in Norway, a media report said on Saturday.

Germany toughens up asylum rules as migrants stream in

German will toughen up its asylum rules as it faces an unprecedented number of migrants arriving from Syria and elsewhere.

Germany beefs up asylum rules as half a million cross Mediterranean

 Germany toughened rules Tuesday for asylum seekers from the Balkans as Europe struggled to cope with a record surge in migrants, with those crossing the Mediterranean exceeding the half a million mark.

Asylum seeker arrested in Denmark after police stabbing

Danish police on Tuesday arrested a Palestinian man suspected of stabbing a policeman at the country`s largest reception centre for asylum seekers, which had sparked a manhunt in the area.

Angela Merkel seeks German unity on migrant crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday urged Germans to bring back the spirit of the country`s reunification in 1990 to help face today`s challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants.

Montenegro prepares for migrants influx

Montenegro is preparing for the likely influx of migrants from Syria and beyond as they carve out a new path on their journey to Western Europe, the government said Friday.

Sweden coping with refugee inflow, may use prisons as housing

Sweden could use empty prisons and army barracks as emergency shelter for record numbers of refugees arriving in the Nordic country, the government said on Friday.