Scientists solve mystery of whale graveyard in Chile

Scientists claim to have solved the mystery of an ancient fossilised graveyard of whales discovered about three years ago in Chile.

ESA`s test rover exploring Mars-like Atacama Desert

European Space Agency`s test rover, which has been fitted with scientific instruments, has now begun exploring Chile`s Atacama Desert - the driest place on Earth.

NASA tests Mars rover prototype in Atacama Desert

NASA scientists today said they were testing a prototype of a robot the US space agency hopes to send to Mars in 2020 in Chile`s Atacama desert.

Mars film to be shot at ‘Atacama Desert’

The Atacama Desert - one of the harshest landscapes the planet has to offer - has been considered as a location for the filming of a movie about Mars.

Zoe robot heading back to Atacama Desert to search for subsurface life

The autonomous, solar-powered Zoe is returning to the world`s driest desert,Atacama,this month on a NASA astrobiology mission to search for subsurface life.

Bizarre 12 cm-long skeleton baffles scientists and UFO enthusiasts

A bizarre 12-centimetre-long skeleton found in a pouch in a ghost town in the Atacama Desert of Chile ten years ago has confused scientists and UFO enthusiasts.

Giant ‘fog catchers’ providing water to residents in Atacama Desert

Residents in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth, are turning to giant `fog catchers` as a possible long-term means of revitalizing the arid area.

Chile`s Atacama desert to be simulator for Mars mission

Scientists are planning to build base in Atacama desert with the aim of simulating space colony.

New video shows emotional trapped Chilean miners

In the new video, the men break into tears as they talk about loved ones.