Over 100 migrant bodies washed up in Libya

The bodies of more than 100 migrants have washed up on a Libyan beach as a new migrant boat tragedy unfolded in the Mediterranean south of Greece today.

Protests erupt in Athens ahead of new austerity measures vote

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Greek parliament in Athens ahead of the vote due on Sunday night.

Thousands take to streets in Greece ahead of reform vote

Thousands take to streets in Greece ahead of reform vote

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Athens Sunday as Greece's parliament prepared to vote on a controversial tax and pensions overhaul which has sparked mass opposition.

Thousands take to streets in Greece ahead of reform vote

Thousands take to streets in Greece ahead of reform vote

The reforms to be voted on later Sunday would reduce Greece's highest pension payouts, merge several pension funds, increase contributions and raise taxes for those on medium and high incomes.

Services in Greece grind to halt in 3-day strike

Services in Greece, from garbage collection to public transport, shut down on Friday as workers kicked off three days of strikes to protest new bailout austerity measures that they say will further reduce incomes.

Five migrants drown off Greek island of Samos after boat capsizes

Five migrants - four women and one child - drowned when their boat capsized off the Greek island of Samos close to Turkey`s coast, Greek coast guard officials said on Saturday.

'We love you' but you've got to go: Greece tells migrants

Greece plans to tell thousands of migrants that it "loves" them to persuade them to willingly evacuate a huge makeshift camp at the port of Piraeus ahead of the busy tourism season, officials said on Friday.

EU pushes Greece to improve conditions for migrants

The EU piled pressure on Greece on Wednesday over Europe`s migrant crisis, telling Athens to improve conditions for refugees and to shore up its borders or risk a suspension of the bloc`s passport-free zone.

EU blasts Greece over migrant crisis as seven more drown

Seven migrants drowned trying to reach Greece on Wednesday, as the European Union blasted Athens for its handling of the crisis, saying it had "seriously neglected" its duty to protect the bloc`s borders.

Greece blasts `lies` in EU migrant talks

Greece lashed out on Monday at what it called "lies" by its EU partners following calls for Athens to be suspended from the Schengen passport-free zone if it fails to staunch the flow of migrants into Europe.

France welcomes more refugees amid tough control

France is to open its doors to more refugees coming notably from Syria as part of the "solidarity quota" agreed by the European countries, the media reported.

Bomb explodes at industry federation in Greece, no one hurt

Police in Greece say a bomb has exploded outside the building of the Federation of Greek Enterprises in central Athens, causing damage but no injuries.

Athens derby called off after violent clashes

Athens derby called off after violent clashes

The incident took place shortly after the visiting players came out to walk on the pitch.

Two strong aftershocks hit western Greek island of Lefkada

Two strong aftershocks have rocked the western Greek island of Lefkada, where a 6.1-magnitude quake killed two people this week and caused extensive damage.

Clashes in Greek cities after march to mark student uprising

Several hundred youths have hurled rocks, bottles and petrol bombs at riot police in central Athens following an annual march to mark the anniversary of a bloody student uprising.

Man linked to Paris attacks registered as refugee in Greece

Man linked to Paris attacks registered as refugee in Greece

French authorities had asked their Greek counterparts to check the fingerprints of one man.

Greek Christophoros Meroussis wins Athens 33rd Authentic Marathon

Greek Christophoros Meroussis wins Athens 33rd Authentic Marathon

Merroussis won the 33rd Athens Authentic Marathon to become the first Greek athlete to do so in 15 years.

Greece okays new austerity, reform package bill

Greek legislators approved on Saturday an omnibus bill containing a set of prior actions the country pledged to its international creditors in order to unlock the next bailout loan installment in the coming weeks.

Baby's body found washed up on Kos shore: Greek coast guard

The body of the baby boy, estimated to be 6-12 months old, was found dressed in green trousers and white t-shirt on the beach of a hotel.

Newly-elected Tsipras says `work`, `struggle` ahead for Greeks

 Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said his government and the country faced "hard work and struggle" after he won a new mandate in a general election.