Meet the Canadian astronaut who is training on Atlantic Ocean floor
Meet the Canadian astronaut who is training on Atlantic Ocean floor

A Canadian astronaut takes part in the underwater mission designed to give a taste of what it would be like in the space orbit and is currently living on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Methane gas seeps spotted along Atlantic Coast caused by global warming?

Scientists have found that methane gas is bubbling out from nearly 600 vents on the Atlantic Ocean sea-floor near the East Coast of the United States.

Atlantic Ocean gobbled Earth`s missing heat: Study

Presenting a new theory about where the Earth`s missing heat finally disappeared, a new research says a natural climate cycle in the north Atlantic Ocean may have gobbled the Earth`s extra heat.

Atlantic salmon can adapt to warmer waters

Populations of Atlantic salmon have a surprisingly good capacity to adjust to warmer temperatures that are being seen with climate change, scientists have found.

Australian rowers aim for world record

A group of Australian rowers will attempt to row 8,500 km across the Indian Ocean and set a world record, a media report said Wednesday.

Surfing record-holder awaits "monster" wave in Portugal

World-renowned American surfer Garrett McNamara holds a record for riding a 78-foot (24-m) wave - the largest ever surfed. Now he wants to find one almost twice as big.

`Panama Canal expansion work suspended`

An international consortium in charge of widening the Panama Canal on Wednesday suspended work on the troubled project, canal administrator Jorge Quijano said.

Nigerian cook survives two days under sea, calls it God`s miracle

"I don`t know what stopped the water from filling that room. I was calling on God. He did it. It was a miracle."

Expedition discovers 60 new species in Suriname

A scientific expedition has discovered 60 new species including frogs, snakes and fish, in the least accessible jungle region of southeastern Suriname, Conservation International said.

Two get life term for murdering merchant navy captain in 2004

Two men, arrested for murdering a merchant navy captain on board a ship in the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil in 2004, have been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Delhi court.

NASA launches drones to track secrets of hurricanes

NASA scientists are using former military surveillance drones to help them understand more about how tropical storms intensify, which they say could ultimately save lives by improving forecast models that predict a hurricane`s strength.

Japanese deep-sea probe finds signs of lost continent in Atlantic Ocean

A Japanese agency has made an announcement about the discovery of a large mass of granite on the seabed off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Violent polar storms control world weather?

Violent polar storms - the most vicious weather systems on the Earth - help control the world`s weather, a new study has found.

Iranian Navy to expand presence to South Pole

The Iranian navy is planning to extend its presence in international waters near the South Pole, Navy chief Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari said.

Neil Armstrong, buried at sea in military service

In a final tribute to the first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was buried in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday with a full military service.

Over 200,000 Titanic records go online

More than 200,000 Titanic records including a number of wills and coroner inquest files have now gone online to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the luxury cruise liner.

Largest partial solar eclipse today

Astro enthusiasts in the country will miss an opportunity to watch the largest partial solar eclipse of the year as it will be visible only from the deep Southern Hemisphere.

Expedition to discover colour of the Atlantic Ocean

Scientists have undertaken a seafaring expedition to find out the colour of the Atlantic Ocean.

New species discovered in Atlantic Ocean

Scientists have found over 10 new species under the Atlantic Ocean.

Storm warnings as snow bears down on mid-Atlantic

A major storm moving up the Atlantic Coast on the last shopping weekend before Christmas threatened to shut down much of the region as officials warned of up to 20 inches of snow and significant power outages.