New half-light half-matter quantum particles discovered

In a breakthrough, researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist have discovered half-light, half-matter particles in atomically thin semiconductors made of a 2D layer of atoms.

Sound of atom captured for first time ever
Sound of atom captured for first time ever

Scientists have for the very first time captured the sound of an atom.

Photon router sets stage for quantum computers

In an effort to overcome the difficulties in building quantum computers, scientists have developed a photonic router - a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons (particles of light).

Where has all the antimatter gone?

Researchers have claimed that a new study has brought us a step closer to understanding where all the antimatter has gone.

Scientists create `mini Big Bang`

LHC has succeeded in creating miniature version of Big Bang by smashing stripped-down lead atoms.

Now, laser to cool down molecules

Cooling molecules is much trickier than chilling individual atoms.