Final arguments in `Batman` theater massacre trial

Closing arguments began Tuesday in the trial of James Holmes, a week before the third anniversary of the shocking massacre of 12 people at a packed "Batman" movie premiere.

Elle Fanning says `Maleficent` co-star Angelina Jolie really got into character

Elle Fanning has revealed that her ` Maleficent` co-star Angelina Jolie really got into her character while filming.

Soon, a headband to give your dreams wings

What if you could transform that frightening nightmare into a jacuzzi bath at a five-star hotel or scuba diving in Egyptian red sea? Possible.

Auroras also occur outside our solar system

New evidence obtained by University of Leicester planetary scientists have suggested that auroras-similar to Earth`s Aurora Borealis - also occur on bodies outside our solar system.

`Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes to face trial`

A US judge ruled that there is enough evidence for suspect James Holmes to face trial for the cinema shootings.

Colorado shooter shot self-portraits before theatre attack

James Holmes used a cell phone to take self-portraits the night that police say he shot up a Colorado theatre last year.

Four dead in Colorado after negotiations fail in hostage standoff

A gunman was shot by police and three others were found dead Saturday morning inside a home in Colorado`s Aurora town.

Colorado shooting victims’ families slam US theatre

A US movie hall where 12 people were gunned down by the ‘Batman obsessed’ killer, James Holmes, had invited relatives of victims to re-opening ceremony.

Auroral sounds of northern lights born close to ground

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have, for the first time, located where the sounds associated with the northern lights are created.

NASA rocket blasts into ‘gleaming’ aurora

A team of scientists on Saturday night launched an instrument-laden, two-stage sounding rocket arcing through shimmering green aurora, 186 miles above Earth.