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World's oldest axe discovered in Western Australia - Watch!

World's oldest axe discovered in Western Australia - Watch!

The tool is nearly 50,000-year-old and 10,000 years older than the previous oldest known fragments found in northern Australia in 2010.

'Starving' cancer cells may prevent growth of new tumours

A new study has found "starving" cancer cells could be the key to prevent the growth of tumours.

 Australian scientists create world's thinnest lens

Australian scientists create world's thinnest lens

Researchers say that the lens could have revolutionary applications in the fields of science, technology and health and it could also be used to make bendable computer screens.


Why no alien is calling us from space

Why no alien is calling us from space

About four billion years ago the Earth, Venus and Mars may have all been habitable.  

3,000-year-old pottery unearthed in Papua New Guinea

A team of Australian archaeologists has unearthed 3,000-years old pottery in a remote location in the rugged highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Tiny Australian bird cries wolf to scare predators

One of Australia's smallest birds has found a cunning way to protect its nest from predators by crying wolf, or rather hawk, and mimicking the warning calls of other birds.

Scientists solve quantum tunnelling mystery

An international team of scientists studying ultrafast physics has solved a mystery of quantum mechanics and found that quantum tunnelling is an instantaneous process, the Australian National University said on Thursday.

Soon, simple breath-test to sniff out malaria

Scientists have made a new discovery that could open doors for malaria to be detected just from your breath.

Chemical make-up of meteorites reveals Earth's 1st crust formed 4.5b yrs ago

Chemical make-up of meteorites reveals Earth's 1st crust formed 4.5b yrs ago

The chemical make-up of meteorites has revealed that Earth's first crust was formed around 4.5 billion years ago.

Amateur astronomers classify 2 million unidentified heavenly bodies in distant galaxies

More than 40,000 amateur astronomers discovered two million unidentified heavenly bodies, which include five sought-after supernovas and extremely bright exploding stars.

Massive meteorite impact area discovered in Australia

 A massive impact area from a huge meteorite that struck the Earth millions of years ago has been found in central Australia, scientists said Monday.

Bowel cancer cases halve after screening: Australian scientists

 The incidence of bowel cancer is dramatically lower after screening, the Australian National University (ANU) quoted a new report as saying Monday.

Australian physicists build reversible laser tractor beam

Laser physicists in Australia have built a tractor beam that can repel and attract objects, using a hollow laser beam that is bright around the edges and dark in its centre, the Australian National University (ANU) announced Monday.

Scientists find evidence of ancient Himalaya-like mountain

Scientists find evidence of ancient Himalaya-like mountain

Australian scientists have found evidence of an ancient Himalaya-like mountain range that they believe sustained the start of life on earth 600 million years ago.

Frog`s jumping style depends on environment

A frog`s jump is not as simple as it seems, according to scientists who have discovered that different species adopt different leaping styles depending on their environment.

Female birds sing songs: Was Charles Darwin wrong?

A new research by an international team has overturned the long-held concept that bird song was a male trait to attract females.

Australians discover oldest star

Astronomers at the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered the oldest known star in the universe, the university press release said Monday.

Australian scientists awarded for spotting water efficient crops

Two Australian scientists have been awarded the British-based Rank Prize for developing an innovative method of identifying crops with superior water efficiency, the Australian National University (ANU) said Wednesday.

Rock points to potential diamond haul in Antarctica

Australian geologists on Tuesday opened up the tantalising but controversial prospect that Antarctica could be rich in diamonds.

Australian student creates world`s largest quantum cluster

A university student in Australia has developed the world`s largest cluster of quantum systems ever - a milestone that brings super-powerful, super-fast quantum computers a step closer to reality.