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More than 60 women join Australian combat roles

More than 60 women had signed up for combat roles in the Australian military such as in the infantry and as tank crews since gender restrictions were lifted last year from the most dangerous defence jobs, an official said on Tuesday.

Australia offers apology for sex abuse in military

Australian government apologised to the victims of ‘physical, mental and sexual abuse’, who were meted out mistreatment of any sort over last six decades.

Highly sexualised atmosphere in Oz military: Report

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said that the govt has accepted the review report and that the Chief of Defence Forces had been tasked to implement it.

Australian military hit by sex scandal

The Australian military has been
rocked by a sex scandal after a 23-year-old soldier was
arrested over the alleged rape of a civilian woman at a
military college.

Australian military embroiled in gay-hate claims

ADF has allowed persons who are gay or lesbian to serve openly since 1992.

Australian military embroiled in gay-hate claims

Australia`s Defence Force members are allegedly linked to gay-hate campaign.