Alcohol kills 15 Australians every day

Alcohol causes 15 deaths and hospitalises 430 Australians every day with the numbers rapidly increasing over the past decade, a new study released Thursday said.

Australia warns citizens against Pakistan travel

Australia Wednesday issued a travel advisory for its citizens against travelling to Pakistan, asking them to reconsider their travel plans in the wake of a volatile security situation across the country.

Jayant Patel`s trial costs Australians $3.6 million

The seven year-long trial of Indian-origin surgeon Jayant Patel, accused of manslaughter of several patients in Australia, has cost the country a whopping 3.5 million dollars.

Cyber crime targets 5.4 mn Australians

About 5.4 million Australians were targeted by cyber crimes, which cost the country 1.65 billion Australian dollars ($1.68 billion) in the past 12 months, according to Norton`s Cybercrime report 2012 released Thursday.

‘Afghan troop boasts of shooting Australians’

An Afghan soldier who opened fire on
Australian troops at a remote base last year has claimed he and his fellow Army recruits had often discussed killing the

Aussies love freedom more than anything else

People in Australia are in awe of beer, beaches and barbecues, but they love their freedom most of all.

Rogue Afghan soldier shoots three Australians

Two Afghan soldiers were also wounded before the man fled in an Afghan Army vehicle.

Over 80pc of Aussies believe they understand what their pets are ‘saying’

More than 80 per cent of Australians believe that they can understand what their pets are trying to say.

Aussies still love dumped ex-PM Rudd: Poll

Kevin Rudd was dumped as leader in a surprise Labor Party coup led by his then deputy Julia Gillard in June 2010.

No court martial for Australians over Afghan deaths

The two Army Reserve soldiers had been charged with manslaughter.

Two Australians charged over military sex scandal

Two young men were charged over a sex scandal at Australian military college.

Aussies want more sex: Survey

It seems all Australians want more action between the sheets.

`Australians at odds with PM over release of US cables`

Julia Gillard says the US diplomatic cables should have remained secret.

Australians rally for WikiLeaks` Assange

Australians rallied in support of WikiLeaks and its Australian-born founder Julian Assange.

1 in 4 young Australians has a tattoo

The trend of getting ink injected into the body is increasing.

A website to give secret response after a date

Australians would now be able to know how good they were on their last date.

Australians want govt to withdraw troops from Afghan

On a day three commandos were
killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, a survey
published today says nearly two-thirds of people want the
government to withdraw troops from the war-torn country.

Indonesia, Israel, India rated least favourable by Australians

Australians have rated Indonesia, Israel and India as least favourable in a poll testing attitudes of 10 countries.

Two Australians held for attacking crippled Canadian

Two Australian teenagers have
been arrested on charges of brutally assaulting a wheelchair-
bound Canadian tourist with a metal bar in Sydney, an attack
reminiscent of the spate of incidents against Indians here.

Aussies take ‘chicken tikka’ way to protest racial attacks

Australians, in their thousands,
ranging from a premier, law enforcement officials, to ordinary
citizens, on Wednesday sat down to a mass dining of Indian cuisine to
protest against racial attacks in a novel way.