A third of autistic kids likely to wander away

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) referes to a group of complex brain development disorders characterised by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviours.

Novel method to track autism in boys identified

The team found that the brain scan data could be an effective indicator of the function of the circuit in younger children and older patients alike.

Interpregnancy interval increases risk of autism in children

Autistic children often face problem in communicating and they usually don't participate in social interactions.

Five things autism parents should know!

As parents, there are many ways you can do to help your child overcome his/her challenges.

How to tell if your child is autistic - Watch!

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that typically occurs in the first three years of life. 

Dyslexia, autism to be included in new bill on disability: Govt

Government is in the process of bringing a new bill in the ongoing budget session to include dyslexia and autism as disability and increase the number of categories under the Diabilities Act from seven to 19, Rajya Sabha was informed today.

Blood pressure pills may improve autism patients' social skills

An estimated one in 68 children in the United States has autism.

Viral infection during pregnancy may increase autism risk

Immune reactions in the current study linked to autism risk are the kind caused only by viral infections in the mother, and have "nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines.

Subtle brain differences prominent in autistic men

British researchers have identified subtle differences in the brains of adult males with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The subtle brain differences were found in men who at a very young age had severe problems with communication and social interaction, the study showed.

Obesity, diabetes up autism risk in kids

 Women of reproductive age who are thinking of having children should stay fit. A recent study warns that children born to obese women with diabetes are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Same genes influence health, thinking skills

 Is there any link between low levels of mental functioning and poor health? A study shows that the same genes which influence people's health also shape how effectively they think.

Vitamin B12 levels drop among the elderly, autistic people 

The study also found healthy elderly people in the age range of 61-80 have about three times lower levels of total brain B12 than younger age groups, which is a result of normal ageing. 

Autistic girls more social than autistic boys

The study highlighted that autistic and non-autistic girls had similar scores for social motivation and friendship quality, although autistic girls reported significantly less conflict in their best friendships.

New drug target discovered to treat severe autism

A novel drug target has been discovered by the Penn State scientists to rescue functional deficits in human nerve cells derived from patients with Rett Syndrome, a severe form of autism-spectrum disorder.

New app may help diagnose autism in children

Scientists have developed a new smartphone app that may screen for symtoms of autism by reading children's facial expressions for emotional cues. 

Parent-led autism therapy benefits Indian kids

 Parent-led intervention has been found promising in helping children suffering from autism in India and Pakistan initiate communication with their parents, a new study says.

Experts educate parents about autism in Delhi

Experts educate parents about autism in Delhi

SAI Connections, an autism treatment centre based in Mumbai, conducted a two days Seminar in Delhi at Siri fort which concluded on December 13, 2015.

Antidepressant use in pregnancy ups autism risk

The World Health Organization indicates that depression will be the second leading cause of death by 2020, which leads the researchers to believe that antidepressants will likely to remain widely prescribed, including during pregnancy.

Why males are at higher risk of autism

Many early-onset neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, are more common in males than females.