Israel ready to share aviation security technology with India

Tel Aviv, Nov 7 (IANS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country was "ready and willing" to share with India technology in areas such as aviation security, border protection and water harvesting, an official statement said Friday.

India, US to ink accord for aviation security

India and the US will soon sign an information sharing agreement to strengthen aviation security in both the countries, a senior Civil Aviation Ministry official said on Tuesday.

Over 70 pc airline, CISF personnel flunk basic test on security

In a development that has serious portent for aviation security in India, almost three-fourths of airline and CISF personnel flunked a basic test conducted by the BCAS last month.

Govt undertaking revamp of aviation security activities

A series of proposals in this regard have been made by
the Civil Aviation Ministry which were being vetted by the
Union Home Ministry.

Obama commends declaration on aviation security

Barack Obama today commended the international civil aviation organisation for adopting a declaration on air security, that he said would boost the protection mechanism against terror threats.

Eight feared dead in Suriname air crash

The plane crashed soon after taking off from an airport in east Suriname.

US watchdog wants to eavesdrop on cockpit chit-chat

US officials want to install video cameras in cockpits and monitor "black box" voice recorders to try to eliminate pilot distractions and banter which have been blamed for several accidents, including a deadly crash in New York.

EU commissioner slams airport body scanners

The nominee to become the EU`s top justice official slammed on Thursday the quick introduction of body scanners at airports, saying the devices could invade travellers` privacy.

Singapore Airlines to cut back its operations in Pak

Singapore Airlines has become the latest foreign carrier to cut back its operations in Pakistan, adding to woes of the country`s flagging aviation industry which has been hit hard by deteriorating security and economic slowdown.

Obama pick for aviation security withdraws name

US President Barack Obama`s
embattled choice to head the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) charged with aviation security said on Wednesday
he was withdrawing from consideration for the post.

JFK airport terminal evacuated after security breach

A passenger who walked through a door meant for airline workers set off a security incident on Saturday that caused authorities to evacuate New York`s John F Kennedy International Airport.

Zardari asks US to review new aviation security policy

Strict measures put in place by US authorities to screen air travellers from Pak have emerged as a major irritant in relations between the two countries.

France wants to add 23 countries to risk list

France wants to add as many as 23 countries to its current list of seven countries that pose a security risk as part of a raft of anti-terrorism measures, the Interior Minister said on Wednesday.

Obama summons intelligence chiefs for security talks

President Barack Obama on Thursday summoned US intelligence chiefs to a meeting next week at the White House to discuss how to prevent a repeat of the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner on December 25.

Tighter security at last point of departure for US flights

Passengers flying to America would have to undergo stricter security and additional screening measures at the last point of departure of a US-bound flight in the coming days.

Botched plane attack: US looking beyond borders

After the failed Detroit plane bombing in which a young Nigerian managed to enter a US jet with explosive, the Obama admin has decided to dispatch its officials to countries across the world to review the security procedures.