BP oil spill caused dolphins` lung disease, deaths: Study
BP oil spill caused dolphins` lung disease, deaths: Study

Dolphins swimming in the oil-contaminated waters of the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 BP spill suffered unusual lung lesions and died at high rates because of petroleum pollution, US scientists said Wednesday.

Nicolas Cage to play disgraced Congressman in `The Runner`

Actor Nicolas Cage is set to play Colin Price, a New Orleans congressman dealing with the aftermath of sex scandal and BP oil spill, in `The Runner`.

Wildlife still suffers four years after BP oil spill

Birds, fish, dolphins and turtles are still struggling in the Gulf of Mexico, four years after the worst oil spill in US history, a leading wildlife group said today.

BP Gulf oil spill still killing dolphins

A new study has revealed that BP gulf oil spill is still influencing dolphin mortality, prognosis and reproductive health.

Gulf seafood safe despite oil spill concerns

Photos of fish with sores may raise concern about long-term environmental effects of the massive BP oil spill — but federal health officials say the Gulf seafood that`s on the market is safe to eat.

2 years later, fish sick near BP oil spill site

Two years after the drilling-rig explosion that touched off the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, scientists are beginning to suspect that fish in the Gulf of Mexico are suffering the effects of the petroleum.

BP oil not degrading on Gulf floor: Study

Oil left over from last year`s BP spill isn`t breaking down as quickly as some scientists thought it would, university researchers said.

BP oil spill partly blamed for Gulf dolphin deaths

The deaths of over 150 dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico so far this year is due to the BP oil spill.

Fishermen in battle for BP oil spill compensation

Nearly an year after, BP`s quasi-independent claims facility has paid $3.9 bn to 177,000 claimants.

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Massive oil spill could happen again: Panel

BP and its partners made a series of cost-cutting decisions that triggered the oil spill .

Scientists find damage to coral near BP well

federal scientists have found damage to deep sea coral and other marine life on the ocean floor.

Oil from BP spill traveled 500 kms: Scientists

Some 205 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf after the April 20.

US to remove temporary cap from Gulf well

The US government said engineers will start work Monday to remove the temporary cap that stopped oil from gushing out of BP`s blown-out Gulf well so that crews can raise a key piece of equipment from the seabed.

Oil will impact Gulf for years to come

Experts warn it could take years -- or even decades -- for the Gulf of Mexico to recover.

Rough weather curtails some Gulf cleanup work

Lousy weather is preventing the US officials to suck crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico.

Criticism of BP not anti-British: Obama to Cameron

Obama has told Cameron that he had no interest in undermining BP`s value.

BP oil spill: Obama calls for new tougher regulations

Gulf oil rig explosion is the worst environmental disaster in US history.

BP oil spill may `hit UK ties with US`

British Petroleum is the biggest supplier of oil and gas to the US military.

Oil spill cap catching about 10,000 barrels a day: BP

BP`s oil spill cap,is currently catching around 10,000 barrels a day.