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BRIC nations, US help Apple close gap with Samsung: IDC

Tech giant Apple managed to close the gap with rival Samsung after nearly 3 years at number two position in the global smartphone market as iPhone sales increased in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) as well as the US, says IDC.

‘India should work with BRIC partners to resolve Syria crisis’

India should respond to the stark new picture of Syria's humanitarian crisis by working with Brazil and South Africa for improved access to humanitarian aid, including over Syria's borders, Human Rights Watch said Friday.

Unilever sees Africa as major FMCG market, after BRIC nations

"Africa is the next frontier of growth. It will become next to Asia. The question is whether it is going to happen in 10 years or 15. We don’t know", Unilever Chief Operating Officer Harish Manwani told reporters here.

Indian cities to house nearly 85 crore people by 2050: Study

Urbanisation in India is growing at the fastest rate among the BRIC nations.

India, China create about 9K new jobs in EU in 2011: E&Y

The number of jobs created by BRIC investors in Europe increased by 8 percent in 2011, with India and China together accounting as the largest players for 95 percent of job creation.

S&P threatens to downgrade India to 'speculative grade'

Global agency Standard and Poor's Monday threatened to downgrade India's credit rating to 'speculative grade' saying the roadblocks for reforms are on account of division of roles between Sonia Gandhi and 'unelected' Manmohan Singh.

BRICS future bright, but lessons must be learnt: experts

The future of emerging economies like India and China is bright but they would do well to learn lessons from the economic glitches faced by US and Europe, particularly on issues of structural reform, economic experts have argued.

India least resilient BRIC nation to global risks: Survey

A robust economic growth seems to have made little improvement to India's ability to withstand major external shocks,making it the most exposed and least resilient BRIC nation to the global risks.