Mothers actually speak less clearly to their babies

Contrary to the common perception that elders need to talk to babies in simpler words, new research suggests they may actually speak less clearly to their infants than they do to adults.

We don't have time to get married, says Scott Disick on marrying Kourtney K
We don't have time to get married, says Scott Disick on marrying Kourtney K

 Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian may have 3 kids together, but the pair has no plans to get married as they have "no time."

Paracetamol's link with Asthma exaggerated: Researchers

 The fear that paracetamol given to babies can trigger asthma may be exaggerated, find researchers.

Wes Chathem, wife welcome first child

'The Hunger Games' actor Wes Chatham and wife Jenn Brown have welcomed first child, a baby boy.

Babies only retain the good memories

Scientists have discovered that when it comes to remembering things, babies can only memorize the good times.

Anti-HIV drugs can affect unborn babies' hearts

 The drugs given to HIV-positive pregnant women can cause significant long-term heart problems for the non-HIV-infected babies they carry, says a new study.

Tooth enamel fast-track found in humans

 Researchers in Britain have found a link between prenatal enamel growth rates in teeth and weaning in human babies.

Eight babies die in Pakistan as incubators malfunction

 Eight newborn babies died of asphyxiation at a hospital in eastern Pakistan`s Punjab province, after their incubators failed to supply them with oxygen, an official source told Efe news agency Wednesday.

Doctors step up efforts to save ailing children

 A day after the death of five babies at the Government hospital here, authorities today enlisted a team of child specialists from the Institute of Child Health at Chennai for treating six other infants who have been put on ventilator.

Baby body parts found in Bangkok package destined for US

The body parts of several babies have been found in a parcel destined for the United States, Thai police said Sunday.

New Chinese law discourages fancy names for children

 China on Saturday passed a law mandating parents to follow the convention of naming their children after their relatives from bloodlines, in an apparent move to discourage trends of adopting fashionable or unorthodox names.

Mom's socioeconomic background predicts baby's diet

 Dietary patterns in babies start developing as early as 6 and 12 months of age and depend on the mother's socioeconomic background, according to a new study.

Fresh cow's milk shields babies from infections

One reason why children today seem to catch infections more easily may well be the increasing scarcity of fresh cow's milk, researchers have found.

Babies grow really fast: Josh Duhamel
Babies grow really fast: Josh Duhamel

Actor Josh Duhamel says his baby boy is not small anymore. The 41-year-old actor said he becomes emotional when he thinks about how fast 13-month-old Axl is growing up, reportedly.

245 babies born on cyclone day in Odisha

As many as 245 babies were born in Odisha districts the day these were hit by the cyclonic storm 'Hudhud', authorities said on Tuesday.

Mums respond to pets just like they do to their babies
Mums respond to pets just like they do to their babies

A new research has revealed the neurobiological basis of human-pet relationship, suggesting that women respond to their pets in the same way they do to their babies.

Woman gives birth to five babies in Manipur

In a rare incident and a first in the state, a 34-year old woman in Manipur has given birth to five babies or quintuplets - four girls and one boy in a span of 70 minutes on Monday.

Newborns have strong immune system

Although their immune system works very differently from that of adults, babies may be able to mount a stronger immune defence than previously thought, a study suggests.

Twelve babies die in Malda hospital

Twelve infants have died in the past two days in the Malda Medical College and Hospital here, an official said on Thursday.

Delhi HC notice over health policies for babies with birth defects

The Delhi High Court Wednesday issued notice to the central government on a petition seeking that the necessary health policies by insurance companies or health schemes by government bodies be made available for babies with birth defects.