Delhi HC notice over health policies for babies with birth defects

The Delhi High Court Wednesday issued notice to the central government on a petition seeking that the necessary health policies by insurance companies or health schemes by government bodies be made available for babies with birth defects.

High decibel causes poor growth of babies: Experts

High decibel during pregnancy can lead to poor growth of the foetus while in the mother's womb, health experts said here Tuesday.

Babies learn visual signals from experience

Babies learn to follow another person`s gaze during infancy, and researchers have now found that exposure to visual experience outside the womb influences this critical ability more than maturational age.

Infants can tell animate objects from inanimate ones

Does a baby know that a dog can jump a fence while a school bus cannot or a cat can avoid colliding with a wall while a table being pushed into a wall can`t? The answer may be yes!

4 babies in UK born with drug addiction every day

Four babies are born addicted to drugs in the United Kingdom every day, media reports said on Saturday quoting National Health Service (NHS) figures.

Green spaces impact birth weight positively

Where expecting mothers live can also have a bearing on the birth weight of their babies as researchers have found that mothers who live near green spaces deliver babies with significantly higher birth weights.

Healthy moms give birth to `similar size babies` worldwide

A new International study has revealed that babies born to healthy mothers are remarkably of the same size worldwide.

Having babies later in life may help women live longer

Researchers have claimed that women who embraced motherhood later in their lives have greater odds for surviving to an unusually old age.

Deploying midwives in poor nations could avert millions of maternal and newborn deaths

Researchers have said that a small increase in number of skilled birth attendants in the world`s poorest nations could save the lives of a substantial number of women and their babies.

New water-birth mirror for safer deliveries

Scientists at Loughborough University in Britain have invented an illuminated, adjustable mirror that can be used under water when a baby is being born.

Babies even at three months can visually identify stand-out objects

Researchers have said that even by three months of age, babies are visually able to locate objects that stand out from a group.

When women sacrifice eggs to make healthier babies

Women sacrifice a lot for their families and for the sake of giving birth to healthier babies, they do not even spare their own eggs, a study has said.

World`s first ever kidney dialysis machine treats multiple organ failure in babies

Scientists have developed a miniaturised kidney dialysis machine capable of treating the smallest babies that has successfully treated a newborn baby with multiple organ failure for the first time.

Brain prepares pregnant women to bond with babies

Pregnant women show increased activity in the area of the brain related to emotional skills as they prepare to bond with their babies, a study has found.

Seeing babies` ultrasound `magical moment` for expectant dads

A new study has found that seeing ultrasound images of their babies for the very first time is a "powerful and magical moment" for expectant fathers as it helps them bond with their child.

Babies born to women over 30 at accelerated risk of developing autism

Older parents are likelier to have a child who develops an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than are younger parents, a new study has suggested.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome linked to breathing problems

In a major breakthrough, researchers claimed to have found the leading cause of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Babies prefer fairness in choosing a playmate but only if it benefits them

A research team designed a new experiment to test how race and fairness - a social tendency that infants appear to notice - influence babies` selection of a playmate.

Breastfeeding may boost IQ in babies

Children who are breastfed score higher on IQ tests and perform better in school, scientists say.

Justin Timberlake and wife Jessie Biel too busy to have babies

Justin Timberlake`s nan has dismissed rumours that the singer and his and wife Jessie Biel are planning family.