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Mom's weight gain during pregnancy can lead to obese kids

A woman`s sex drive isn`t as affected by menopause as we once thought, says a new research.

Know if your baby will gain weight by age four

Measuring body mass index (BMI) during infancy may help to predict if a child will be obese by age four, says a study.

Kate Winslet says life too short to focus on losing baby weight

Kate Winslet says life too short to focus on losing baby weight

 Kate Winslet, recently discussed losing the baby weight after pregnancy saying that life is just too short to spend time on focusing thinks like this.

Drew Barrymore 'focused' on shedding baby weight

Drew Barrymore 'focused' on shedding baby weight

Drew Barrymore has revealed that she is just starting to focus on shedding her pregnancy pounds after her daughter Frankie's birth in April 2014.

Mila Kunis wants to lose baby weight?

Mila Kunis wants to lose baby weight?

Less than one month after giving birth to her daughter, Mila Kunis is reportedly in hurry to shed her extra flab.

Kristin Cavallari ``freak`` about food

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari says she`s turned into a ``freak`` about food because she`s determined to lose her baby weight.

Jennifer Aniston in the family way?

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly pregnant and is suffering with morning sickness, crazy craving and rapid weight gain.

New moms should lose `baby weight` within a year

Mothers who fail to lose `baby weight` within a year of giving birth are at an increased risk of developing diabetes or heart disease, a new study led by an Indian-origin scientist has warned.

Megan Fox shows off slim figure just weeks after giving birth to second child

Just five weeks after giving birth to her second child, Megan Fox was out and about around the town.

Losing baby weight was hard: Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says losing the 50lbs, she gained in pregnancy, was the greatest challenge of her life.

I struggled to lose baby weight: Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair has revealed that she struggled to lose her baby weight and regain her pre-pregnancy image after giving birth to her son Arthur.

Kristen Bell in no hurry to get back in shape

Actress Kristen Bell says she is in no hurry to lose post pregnancy weight.

Kim Kardashian can`t lose baby weight `fast enough`

Kim Kardashian, who is planning to debut her post-baby body later this summer on mum Kris Jenner`s talk show `Kris`, is reportedly getting antsy, as she is unable to reach her weight goal `fast enough`.

Daily dose of iron during pregnancy helps improve baby`s weight

Taking iron daily during pregnancy is associated with a significant increase in birth weight and a reduction in risk of low birth weight, a new study has revealed.

Breast-feeding, dieting and exercise helped shed 57-pound baby weight, says Beyonce

Beyonce, who flaunted her post-baby body in Shape magazine, said that a mix of breast-feeding, dieting and exercise helped her to lose weight.

Hillary Duff isn`t worried about losing baby weight

Hillary Duff says she feels comfortable taking it slow and is enjoying the free pass motherhood has given her to eat what she likes.

I have lost my baby weight: Beyonce Knowles

R&B star Beyonce Knowles says she has lost most of her baby weight.

Jennifer Garner in no hurry to lose baby weight

Actress Jennifer Garner is in no hurry to lose her baby weight following the birth of her third son in February.

Jessica Simpson won`t marry while carrying baby weight

Singer-fashion designer Jessica Simpson has reportedly postponed her wedding to Eric Johnson until after she has lost her baby weight.

Eat jaggery to ensure baby isn`t low birth weight

According to a new survey, malted foods could offer the best nutrition for expecting mothers.