Asia may have seeded European plague outbreaks, study says

Scientists say they may have solved a centuries-old whodunit: Why did Europe experience outbreaks of bubonic plague over hundreds of years, starting with the Black Death of 1347 to 1353?

Can humans become radiation-resistant in future?

Just a handful of genetic mutations give E coli the capacity to withstand doses of radiation that would otherwise doom the microbe, scientists have discovered.

Revolutionary naming system for all life on earth created

Here comes a new and revolutionary naming system for all life on earth that would create a more robust and precise name for any organism - be it a bacterium, fungus, plant or animal.

Dangerous bacterium can counteract `coffee ring effect`

When a coffee stain dries, its edges become noticeably darker and thicker, while the middle of the stain remains almost unsoiled.

World’s toughest bacterium discovered

Scientists have discovered the world’s toughest bacterium, which can survive in extreme conditions.

Scientists identify bacterium that helps in formation of gold

Australian scientists have found that the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans catalyses the biomineralisation of gold by transforming toxic gold compounds to their metallic form using active cellular mechanism.