China's Baidu to invest in taxi app Uber: Report

Chinese search engine Baidu, the country's equivalent of Google, will make a strategic investment of up to USD 600 million in the popular but controversial US taxi app Uber, state media said on Friday.

Chinese search engine Baidu mulling Google-like `self-driven` car

Chinese search engine Baidu, widely known as Google of China , is reportedly planning its own ` self- driven` car, matching up with the tech giant Google.

China`s Google offers `no-install app` preview service

China`s Google, Baidu has reportedly launched an app preview service to its users allowing them to preview mobile apps without needing to install them first.

Chinese search engine fined $15,000 over piracy

China`s biggest search engine Baidu has been penalised with a 95,800 yuan (around $15,000) fine for publishing the country`s bestselling authors`s three books online and offering downloads without his permission.

China`s search engine market reaches $877 mn

The size of China`s search engine market hit 5.53 billion yuan ($877 million) in the first quarter of 2012, according to new statistics.

China search giant Baidu blasted by state media

China`s state media has launched
stinging attacks on the nation`s hugely popular search engine Baidu.