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Eurozone ministers seek to end Greece bailout row

Eurozone ministers seek to end Greece bailout row

The eurozone 19 ministers are meeting in Brussels just as EU leaders and Turkey hold talks next door to discuss the refugee crisis, in which Greece is also a sensitive focal point.

Portugal votes in key presidential ballot

 Portuguese voters were electing a new president on Sunday in a ballot being closely watched in Brussels as the country recovers from a 78-billion-euro ($85-billion) bailout.

EU takes six countries to court over bank bailout scheme

The EU Thursday said it would take six member states to court for failing to implement a European-wide plan designed to avoid taxpayers having to help bail out failed banks.

Greek leftists say they would apply bailout but fight to ease pain

The leftist Syriza party of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will challenge Greece`s creditors on unresolved aspects of the nation`s bailout but implement unpopular reforms it has already agreed, it said on Sunday.

Spanish parliament to approve new Greece bailout

Spanish lawmakers were Tuesday to approve Greece`s third international bailout, which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy decided to put to a vote in parliament ahead of a year-end general election.

Greek PM faces revolt after eurozone approves huge bailout

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was Saturday battling a major revolt amongst members of his radical-left party who oppose the third huge bailout for the crisis-hit country.

Greece bailout deal `will not work`: Varoufakis

Greece`s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis on Wednesday warned that the latest bailout deal was doomed to fail despite Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras saying he was "confident" of ending economic uncertainty.

Alexis Tsipras confident of Greece bailout deal backing

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Wednesday he was confident that international creditors would back a framework bailout deal now being scrutinised by EU states and set for a parliamentary vote in Athens.

Greece, creditors fine-tune third bailout

Athens and its creditors were set today to put the finishing touches to a third international bailout agreement aimed at saving Greece's stricken economy from collapse.

UK starts RBS sell-off with $3.3 billion stake sale

Finance Minister George Osborne on Tuesday hailed the start of returning RBS to the private sector and said it was right to commence selling at a loss to the price paid in the 2008 rescue.

Seven years after bailout, Britain starts RBS sell-off with $3 bn stake sale

Britain started the sale of a 2 billion pounds ($3.1 billion) stake in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on Monday, beginning the disposal of its holding in the bank seven years after a multi-billion pound bailout at the height of the financial crisis.

Creditors to start talks after Greece passes bailout bill

Greece's creditors will head to Athens shortly to open talks on a huge new international bailout, the government said today, as parliament approved a second batch of reforms needed for negotiations to go ahead.

Greece bailout deal by mid-August: EU`s Moscovici

Greece and its creditors aim to finalise a deal for the country`s third bailout by mid-August in time for Athens to make a huge payment to the ECB, EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said Wednesday.

Greece to vote on second bailout bill in new test for Alexis Tsipras

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday faced a new test of his authority in parliament, where lawmakers were to vote on a second batch of reforms to help unlock a huge new bailout for Greece`s stricken economy.

Greece seeks bailout deal by August 20, sends bill to parliament

The Greek government said Tuesday that it wants to see a final deal on its international bailout hammered out by August 20, as it presented parliament with more draft legislation on the cash-for-reforms agreement.

Banks reopen, taxes rise as Greece pays billions to creditors

Greece`s government hiked taxes and paid billions of euros to its creditors on Monday, as banks reopened just days after the debt-laden country reached a reforms-for-cash deal with its European partners.

German lawmakers back Angela Merkel on Greece bailout plan

German lawmakers gave Chancellor Angela Merkel the green light Friday to resume talks on a new EU-IMF bailout deal for Greece, after she passionately argued it was the last chance to prevent "chaos" in the crisis-hit country.

Greek parliament to vote on controversial bailout

Greek parliament to vote on controversial bailout

Greece on Wednesday geared up for a parliamentary vote on draconian reforms demanded by eurozone creditors in exchange for a huge new bailout, in what could be Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's toughest political test yet.

Eurozone, Greece agree 86 billion euros bailout deal

Eurozone leaders made Greece surrender much of its sovereignty to outside supervision on Monday in return for agreeing to talks on an 86 billion euros bailout to keep the near-bankrupt country in the single currency.

Greece bailout deal important for 'security': NATO

NATO on Monday welcomed a bailout deal reached between its "staunch ally" Greece and EU leaders, saying the nation`s economic stability was also vital for the "security" of other NATO countries.