Pakistan test-fires nuclear capable ballistic missile

Pakistan test-fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile on Monday, the military said, less than a week after the first high-level talks with arch-rivals India for nearly a year.

Canister-based Agni-V likely to be test fired on January 31

The first canister-based trial of the 5,000 km-plus nuclear capable Agni-V long range ballistic missile is likely to take place on January 31.

Japan slams N Korea missile launch but talks to go on

Japan protested against North Korea`s ballistic missile launch today but vowed to go ahead with rare government-level talks with Pyongyang this week as scheduled.

Russia conducts test-launch of ballistic missile

Russia on Tuesday carried out a successful test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, news agencies reported citing the defence ministry, amid a standoff between Moscow and the West over Ukraine.

Russia in new ballistic missile test: Pentagon

Russia carried out a new test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) as tensions over Ukraine escalated, the Pentagon confirmed today.

South Korea extending ballistic missile range to counter North`s threat

South Korea has test-fired a new ballistic missile with a range of 500 km (310 miles) and will try to extend the range to 800 km so it can strike any site in North Korea, its defence ministry said on Friday, days after Pyongyang fired a mid-range missile.

Russia test-fires new ballistic missile

Russia carried out a successful test-launch of an RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Tuesday, a military official said.

India successfully tests Dhanush ballistic missile

India Saturday successfully tested its nuclear-capable ballistic missile Dhanush from a naval ship in the Bay of Bengal, an official said.

Agni V and the South Asian Balance of Power

India tested its nuclear-capable Agni V on Sunday.

Iran launches new rocket site for ballistic missile tests: Report

Iran has constructed a rocket-launching site that could be used for testing ballistic missiles, a report from a military intelligence publication said on Thursday.

US missile defence test fails: Pentagon

America`s missile defence system failed on Saturday in a test over the Pacific, with an interceptor failing to hit an incoming ballistic missile, the Pentagon said.

India test fires ballistic missile from underwater platform

India successfully test fired a ballistic missile, with a strike range of around 1500 kilometres, from an underwater platform in Bay of Bengal.

N Korea still years away from credible missiles

After 14 years of painstaking labour, North Korea finally has a rocket that can put a satellite in orbit.

North Korea missile launch triggers global anger

North Korea`s successful test of a long-range missile triggered global anger with the US and Japan and South Korea terming it as highly provocative and warning that it would destabilise the region.

Pak test fires N-capable Hatf V Ghauri missile

The latest in a series of nuke missiles that can hit deep targets in India, Pakistan on Wednesday test fired Hatf V Ghauri missile with a range of 1,300km.

Eye on North, US allows S Korea to ‘triple ballistic missiles range`

South Korea has reportedly announced plans to almost triple the range of its ballistic missile system after a new agreement with the United States.

India test-fires N-capable Dhanush ballistic missile

India tested its nuclear-capable ballistic missile Dhanush from a naval ship in the Bay of Bengal in Odisha.

N-capable Prithvi-II missile tested successfully

India successfully test-fired its indigenously developed, nuclear-capable ballistic missile Prithvi-II from a test range in Odisha.

China develops new generation ICBMs to counter US

The US military and intelligence officials say that China has developed the new long range Dongfeng-41 ICBM with mobile launching system.

Will China accelerate missile programme?

The US has decided to expand its missile defence shield in the Asia-Pacific region, apparently to defend against North Korea.