Ruling party retains seat in Malaysian by-election

Malaysia`s ruling party retained a state seat in the first by-election since May`s controversial General Election.

Thousands rally in Malaysia for polls reform

About 20,000 Malaysian opposition supporters gathered in the capital demanding the resignation of the country`s Election Commission in the wake of contentious polls.

MIC to hold party elections in September

Malyasia`s largest ethnic Indian party MIC, part of the ruling Barisan Nasional, announced to hold party elections in September and complete the polls process by year-end.

Suspected to be a false voter ethnic Indian attacked in Malaysia

The victorious Barisan Nasional has alleged that several Malaysians were roughed up by supporters of the opposition alliance.

Malaysia`s General Elections: Indians may be deciding factor

Indians will be the deciding factor in some 50 parliamentary constituencies in the upcoming General Elections in Malaysia.

Ruling alliance wins in Malaysian assembly poll

Malaysia`s ruling alliance Barisan Nasional has swept the assembly poll in Sarawak state.