Bill bars US deals with Russian arms dealer

The US Defense Department would be barred from entering into any contract with a Russian state arms dealer under a provision of the $1.1 trillion spending bill.

House sends huge USD 1.1T spending bill to Senate

It's now up to the US Senate to pass a huge USD 1.1 trillion government-wide spending bill after the Obama White House and Republicans joined forces to push it through the House over objections from Democrats that it would roll back bank regulations imposed in the wake of the economic near-meltdown of 2008.

Syria government bombing kills at least 13

A Syrian military airstrike killed at least 13 people, including children, and wounded another 20 in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo on Tuesday after striking a neighborhood with crude bombs, said activists.

UK PM David Cameron backs air strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria; calls Assad 'part of problem'
UK PM David Cameron backs air strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria; calls Assad 'part of problem'

British Prime minister David Cameron on Thursday backed air strikes against the terror group ISIS or Islamic State and said that Syrian President Bashar Assad was part of the problem rather then the solution.

Militants attack major air base in eastern Syria

Islamic extremists fired rockets and tank shells on Wednesday at a major air base in northeastern Syria, kicking off a long-anticipated offensive to seize the last position held by the Syrian government, activists said.

Syria strikes militants as US targets them in Iraq

As the US military strikes the Islamic State group in Iraq, Syrian President Bashar Assad`s forces have significantly stepped up their own campaign against militant strongholds in Syria.

Syrian airstrikes target Islamic State group

Syrian government warplanes pounded an Islamic State group stronghold as well as other towns controlled by the jihadis on Sunday, conducting more than a dozen airstrikes and killing at least 11 people, activists said.

Syria president reappoints prime minister amid war

Syria`s state-run news agency is reporting that President Bashar Assad has reappointed premier Wael al-Halqi to form a new government.

Syria may have launched airstrikes in Iraq: US

A US official says there are indications Syria launched airstrikes into western Iraq to slow the al-Qaida-inspired insurgency fighting both the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

Last dangerous chemicals must leave Syria: Envoy

The head of the mission charged with destroying Syria`s chemical weapons has called on President Bashar Assad`s government and the international community to ensure that the last 16 containers of dangerous chemicals are immediately removed from the country.

Thousands flee Syrian cities ahead of election

Thousands of people have fled government-held Syrian cities after opposition fighters warned they will attack during next week`s presidential election to disrupt the vote, opposition activists said Friday.

Hezbollah commander wanted by FBI killed in Syria

A Hezbollah military commander wanted by the FBI was killed in Syria while fighting alongside President Bashar Assad`s forces against rebels trying to overthrow him, Lebanese security officials said on Wednesday.

Syrians abroad vote in presidential election

Thousands of Syrians flocked to their embassy in Lebanon as expat voting started today ahead of Syria`s June 3 presidential election, a vote that is widely expected to give Bashar Assad a third seven-year term in office.

39 killed in campaign tent shelling: Syrian TV

In the first attack to target a campaign event, a mortar shell slammed into a tent packed with supporters of President Bashar Assad, killing 39 people and wounding 205 others, Syrian state TV said Friday.

Syrian troops reach besieged prison in Aleppo

Syrian troops reached a besieged prison today in the northern city of Aleppo, ending a months-long attempt by rebels to free the inmates inside, a Syrian activist group and pro-government television stations reported.

Syria approves 3 candidates to run for presidency

Syria`s supreme constitutional court has accepted the candidacy of three contenders, including incumbent President Bashar Assad, for the June 3 presidential elections.

FBI: Flow of foreign fighters into Syria growing

The flow of foreign fighters into Syria has grown in just the last few months, with dozens of Americans joining the county`s conflict along with thousands of Europeans, FBI Director James Comey said today.

Danger to Syria`s president eliminated: Hezbollah

The leader of Lebanon`s militant Hezbollah group says that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is no longer in danger of falling.

Syrian army pounds rebels in Assad`s home province

Syrian government forces backed by militia fighters and warplanes pounded rebel units in Latakia province on Monday in a desperate effort to regain control of towns and villages in President Bashar Assad`s ancestral homeland recently lost to an opposition offensive.

Syria fires missiles at Lebanese border town

The Syrian air force Sunday attacked Lebanon`s border town of Arsal, reported Xinhua.