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New nectar-feeding bat species found in Brazil

New nectar-feeding bat species found in Brazil

 A new species of nectar-feeding bat that had been misidentified for more than a century has been discovered in Brazil, new research shows.

Bacteria grown on bats to help fight deadly fungus

Bacteria grown on bats to help fight deadly fungus

A particular bacteria growing naturally on the skin of some bats may help fighting white-nose syndrome, a deadly fungus that continues to cripple bat populations.

Bats avoid collisions by following set of 'traffic rules' while trawling for food

Bats avoid collisions by following set of 'traffic rules' while trawling for food

A new study has revealed that bats avoid collisions by following certain set of "traffic rules" laid down by them while trawling for food at high speed.

Ian Chappell supports ICC's crackdown on bat  size

Ian Chappell supports ICC's crackdown on bat size

 Former Australia captain Ian Chappell today supported the ICC's proposed crackdown on the size of bats after the upcoming cricket World Cup, saying that the increase in the thickness of the willow put the bowlers and umpires under the risk of suffering injuries.

Bradman`s `debut` Test bat expected to fetch 145000 dollars in auction

The cricket bat used by Australian legend Sir Donald Bradman while beginning his Test career has reportedly been put up for auction and is expected to fetch up to 145000 Australian dollars.

Soon, bat-inspired flying robots

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, are planning to develop small flying vehicles with flapping wings inspired by wing motions of a bat.

Wyoming’s bat may be listed as endangered species

Of all the 15 bat species that live in Wyoming, one could be listed as endangered due to the threats it faces outside of the state.

How Indian soldiers were ambushed along LoC on August 6

A preliminary probe into the killing of five Indian soldiers along the LoC earlier this month has revealed that the attack was well-planned.

Junaid Khan with ball is like Virat Kohli with bat, says Bhogle

Prominent Indian cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle has said that Pakistani left-arm bowler Junaid Khan had bowled like Indian batting star Virat Kohli performance with his bat.

Ambani appointed Chair of India Advisory Council of BAT

Prince Charles made the announcement at Windsor Castle on Monday at a gathering to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the British Asian Trust, a charity founded in 2007 by British Asian business leaders.

`Citizen scientists` to record Europe`s bat population

A website that is a collaboration of many institutes working for the conservation of bats is calling on "citizen scientists" to help researchers monitor and record the population of bats in Europe.

Youth convicted for hitting boy let off on probation

A youth held guilty of causing death of a boy by hitting him with a cricket bat in a "sudden quarrel" has been let off on probation.

Umpire kills Bangladesh cricket fan with bat: police

A cricket umpire killed a teenage spectator in Bangladesh by hitting him on the head with a bat in a dispute over a contested decision, police said on Friday.

Dhoni`s World-Cup winning bat to go under the hammer

Dhoni will put up his prized willow, which won India the World Cup, for auction.

Botham`s bat used in famous 1981 Ashes knock on sale

The bat used by Botham in his knock of 149 of the 1981 Ashes will go under the hammer.

Bat brain offers clues into human hearing

Neurons in bat brains seem to "shush" other neurons when relevant sounds come in - a process that may be present in humans as well.

Bradman’s iconic ‘backyard cricket’ bats up for grabs

Sir Donald Bradman’s bat used for playing cricket in his backyard will go under hammer.

Sachin’s bat fetches Rs 42 lakh at glittering sports auction

Sachin Tendulkar’s willow fetched the highest bid at a glittering sports auction.

The secret behind Sachin’s magical bat!

Does Sachin Tendulkar’s bat fit Marylebone Cricket Club regulations?

Scientist unravel the mystery of bat, dolphin echoes

Scientists have discovered an interesting similarity in the DNA of bats and dolphins that enable them to echolocate.