China's satellite navigation system to expand coverage by 2020

China's Beidou satellite navigation system, regarded as a rival to America's global positioning system (GPS), will be fully operational worldwide by 2020, a top official said on Thursday.

China launches upgraded BeiDou navigation satellite
China launches upgraded BeiDou navigation satellite

China launched a new-generation satellite into space for its indigenous BeiDou global navigation and positioning network on Monday.

China`s BeiDou navigation system to get full global coverage by 2020

In a stiff challenge to America`s Global Positioning System, China on Sunday said that its home-grown navigation system `BeiDou` will be achieving full-scale global coverage by around 2020.

China`s navigation system competing with US GPS network

China`s indigenously-made satellite navigation system on Thursday started offering its services to users domestically and in neighbouring Asian countries, a multi- billion market currently dominated by the US GPS network.

China mulls double satellite launches to save cost

China launched two satellites for its Beidou global navigation and positioning system into space atop a carrier Long March 3B rocket two days ago.

China launches navigation satellite

The navigation satellite is China`s 11th homemade navigation satellite, also called Beidou or Compass system.

China launches navigation satellite

China successfully launched a satellite, the 10th one for its indigenous global navigation and positioning network known as Beidou.