18 killed in Libya clashes despite peace talks

At least 18 people were killed and 44 others wounded in fierce clashes in Libya`s second largest city of Benghazi, medical sources said on Tuesday, even as a new round of peace talks gets going in Geneva.

Libyan extremist group Ansar al-Shariah says leader killed

Benghazi-based extremist Islamic militant group Ansar al-Shariah said on Saturday its leader Mohammed al-Zahawi has been killed.

Libya recognised government army declares ceasefire

The army of Libya`s internationally recognised government announced on Sunday that it would cease fire, two days after an Islamist-backed militia alliance announced a truce.

Three months of fighting in Libya's Benghazi kills 600, say medics

About 600 people have been killed in three months of heavy fighting between Libyan pro-government forces and Islamist groups in Libya`s second-largest city Benghazi, medical staff said on Sunday.

IS jihadists claim abduction of 21 Christians in Libya: Monitor

The Islamic State group`s branch in Libya has claimed the abduction of 21 Christians, a monitor reported Monday, as Egypt confirmed that 20 of its citizens were being held in the country.

Egyptian Coptic teen seized in Libya found dead: Hospital

Benghazi: An Egyptian Coptic Christian teenager abducted in Libya by armed men who killed her parents has been found dead, a hospital source said today.

19 Libya soldiers killed by Islamist militia: Military source

At least 19 soldiers were killed in clashes with Islamist militia on Thursday in eastern Libya, where an oil tank also caught fire in separate fighting, a military source said.

Libya Islamists press advance on key oil region

Islamist fighters clashed with pro-government forces for the second consecutive day Sunday as they pressed an advance on a key oil region in eastern Libya, sources on both sides reported.

Libyan rivals clash over eastern oil ports and Tunisia crossing

Armed factions allied to Libya`s two rival governments fought over eastern oil ports and the main border crossing to Tunisia on Sunday, forcing closure of the two biggest oil export terminals, officials said.

Islamist militias form new coalition in Libya`s Derna

Islamist militias in the eastern Libyan town of Derna say they have formed a new coalition ahead of an expected assault by pro-government forces.

Libya strongman vows to `take Tripoli` from Islamists

An anti-Islamist former Libyan general, Khalifa Haftar, said Friday he has given himself two weeks to take Benghazi and three months to recapture the capital Tripoli.

US Congress report debunks Benghazi attack claims

A probe by a Congressional committee into the September 11, 2012 attack on a US compound in Benghazi debunked allegations that President Barack Obama`s administration fell down on the job.

UN announces 12-hour truce in Libya`s Benghazi

The United Nations said pro-government forces and Islamist militias fighting for control of Libya`s second city Benghazi agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian truce on Wednesday.

356 dead in month-old battle for Libya`s Benghazi

 At least 356 people have been killed in fighting for Libya`s second city Benghazi since the launch of a government-backed offensive against Islamist militias a month ago, medical sources said Saturday.

Toll in Benghazi clashes stands at 275

 At least 275 people, including civilians and military personnel, have died since the Oct 15 start of an offensive led by retired General Khalifa Hafter against the Islamist militias that control much of Benghazi, Libya`s second largest city.

Libya violence: Beheaded bodies of activists found

In fresh incident of violence, bodies of three activists who were beheaded have been found in eastern Libya's Derna city.

Bombing in eastern Libya as government meets UN envoy

A bomb exploded on on Sunday near government headquarters in eastern Libya as the prime minister met the UN envoy there, an official said.

Fresh clashes in Libya`s Benghazi kill dozens: Officials

Tripoli: Fresh fighting erupted in Libya`s second city Wednesday, bringing the death toll in three days of violence between pro-government militias and Islamist fighters to more than 30, officials said.

Heavy fighting near seaport of Libyan city Benghazi, navy ship hit

A Libyan navy ship was hit during heavy fighting with aircraft and tanks on Monday between the army and Islamist militants near the port of Benghazi, residents of the major city on Libya`s eastern Mediterranean coast said.

At least 36 killed in fresh clashes in Libya

Tripoli: Clashes between the Libyan army, backed by the renegade general Khalifa Haftar, and Islamist militias in the eastern city of Benghazi, killed 36 people Friday and Saturday, according to sources.