Who`s saying what as Iran nuclear talks go past deadline

As Iranian nuclear talks went into a seventh day Wednesday after a midnight deadline for a framework deal was missed, Iran and major powers were sending out contradictory signals.

World must insist on `better` Iran deal: Netanyahu

World powers must toughen their stance to reach a "better" deal with Iran aimed at preventing it from obtaining nuclear weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.

Israeli PM lashes out as Iran nuclear talks intensify

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a dire warning Sunday about a possible nuclear accord with Iran as talks in Switzerland towards the outline of a deal intensified days before a deadline.

Expected Iranian nuclear deal worse than Israel feared: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Sunday the framework Iranian nuclear agreement being sought by international negotiators, saying it was even worse than his country had feared. 

Disputes emerge as Netanyahu starts work on new Israel govt

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began talks on Thursday to form a new Israeli government, which will have to mend shattered ties with key ally Washington, while tackling pressing social and security issues.

UN seeks settlement freeze from new Israeli government

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s new government must take steps to freeze Jewish settlements that are threatening to "kill the very possibility of reaching peace," the UN`s Middle East envoy said Thursday.

Netanyahu extends `hand of peace` to Palestinians

 Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday Israel wants peace with the Palestinians as he was tasked to form a government a week after saying they won`t get a state if he is re-elected.

Israel president chastises Netanyahu over Arab voter remark

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday took Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to task over an attempt to ramp up rightwing votes by playing the anti-Arab race card.

Netanyahu set for go-ahead to form Israel's next government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, grappling with fierce White House disapproval, was poised to win the nod from Israel`s president on Wednesday to try to form a new coalition government.

Israeli President to name PM-designate on Wednesday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to be tasked on Wednesday with forming the next coalition government as official results of the March 17 election are published.

Netanyahu dispute substantive, not personal: Obama

 US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that his disagreement with Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over how to pursue a Middle East peace deal was substantive, not personal.

Key crises in US-Israel ties

The current diplomatic crisis between Israel and the United States is the most vicious and public yet among only a handful of crises that have marred the close, long-running relationship.

White House warns Netanyahu that `occupation must end`

 The White House on Monday bluntly warned Israel that its occupation of Palestinian land must end, dismissing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s efforts to take back controversial campaign pledges. 

Netanyahu apologises publicly for Arab Israeli remarks
Netanyahu apologises publicly for Arab Israeli remarks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologised publicly on Monday for saying Arab Israelis were voting in "droves" in election day comments that drew condemnation, including from the United States.

Israelis fret about risk of isolation but concern may be overdone

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s re-election last week has prompted alarmed chatter in the cafes of Tel Aviv and on talk shows about the risk of Israel losing the support of its closest allies and being left isolated in the world.

Netanyahu secures clear majority to form next Israel govt

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won a clear majority of support to form a new coalition government, a spokesman for the president`s office told AFP on Monday. 

US will not take floor at UN rights debate on Israel, Palestinians

The United States will not take the floor at the main UN human rights forum on Monday during the annual debate on violations committed in the Palestinian territories, a US spokesman told Reuters.

Netanyahu allies blame White House criticism on misunderstanding

Benjamin Netanyahu`s allies acknowledged on Sunday that his election-eve disavowal of a Palestinian state had caused a rift with the White House, but blamed U.S. President Barack Obama`s unprecedented criticism on a misunderstanding.

Will have to 'examine' policy towards Israel: US envoy

Describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent comments denouncing his support for a Palestinian state as "confusing", the US envoy to Israel on Sunday said Washington will have to "examine" its next step when it comes to its policy towards the Jewish state.

Israel Prez calls for 'healing', opens govt formation talks

Israeli President on Sunday began consultations with representatives of parties elected to the parliament for formation of a new government, calling upon them to start "healing" the rifts created during the "passion- filled" election, won by incumbent premier Benjamin Netanyahu.