Kunal Nayyar pays tribute to 'Big Bang Theory' co-star
Kunal Nayyar pays tribute to 'Big Bang Theory' co-star

English-born Indian actor Kunal Nayyar has paid his heartfelt tribute to his 'Big Bang Theory' co-star Carol Ann Susi.

'Big Bang Theory' actress Carol Ann Susi dies
'Big Bang Theory' actress Carol Ann Susi dies

Carol Ann Susi, who is best known for voicing Mrs Wolowitz on hit sit com 'The Big Bang Theory', has died. She was 62.

Lego to release 'Big Bang Theory' set
Lego to release 'Big Bang Theory' set

Toy maker Lego is set to release a 'Big Bang Theory' set.

Pope says Big Bang theory does not contradict Christianity

Pope Francis Monday said the "Big Bang" theory as a model for the origin of the Universe "does not rule out the intervention of a divine Creator, but rather demands it" and that "the origin of the world is not a product of chaos, but is derived directly from the supreme power that created love."

Indians should be proud of Kunal Nayyar: Vinay Virmani

Toronto-based actor Vinay Virmani, who shares screen space with Kunal Nayyar in his upcoming film 'Dr. Cabbie', feels that the actor of 'The Big Bang Theory' fame is “someone every Indian should be proud of."

Two new clips from 'The Big Bang Theory' season 8 unveiled
Two new clips from 'The Big Bang Theory' season 8 unveiled

Two new clips have been released from 'The Big Bang Theory's season 8 double-bill premiere.

Three `Big Bang Theory` actors ink deals, set for pay raise

Three `Big Bang Theory` stars -- Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco -- are set for a huge payday after inking a new three-year deal with the Warner Bros television, ending the delay in the production of the hit comedy show.

Production of `Big Bang Theory` to resume

The production of the eight season of hit TV series `The Big Bang Theory` is set to resume next week.

`Big Bang Theory` production on hold amid contract dispute

Production on the upcoming eighth season of `The Big Bang Theory` has been postponed as contract negotiations with the five original cast members are still on.

`Big Bang Theory` stars yet to sign new contracts

Five original stars of hit comedy `The Big Bang Theory` have not yet signed their new contracts.

Kaley Cuoco to cleanse Khloe Kardashian`s home of bad vibes?

The `Big Bang Theory` star Kaley Cuoco is reportedly getting her new place which was the former marital home of estranged couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, cleansed of bad vibes.

Stephen Hawking wins bet over latest `Big Bang Theory` study

Stephen Hawking has revealed that he won a bet against Neil Turok over his Big Bang Theory.

My kids don`t know who there mother is: Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik says her two sons Miles, 8, and Frederick, 5, are yet to know that their mother works in entertainment.

Mayim Bialik says breastfeeding in public is intimate, not sexual

Mayim Bialik, who has two sons with former hubby Michael Stone, has defended breastfeeding in public, saying that it`s not a sexual act, but an intimate act.

Kaley Cuoco to marry Ryan Sweeting on New Year`s eve?

The `Big Bang Theory` Kaley Cuoco and her fiance Ryan Sweeting will reportedly tie the knot on December 31 in Southern California.

Kaley Cuoco wants to have a baby

Actress Kaley Cuoco is reportedly eager to have a baby with her new fiancé Ryan Sweeting.

Universe not expanding at all, claims scientist

A cosmologist has proposed a radical theory, which claims that the Universe may not be expanding.

Henry Cavill, Kaley Cuoco confirm romance by holding hands

The `Man of Steel` actor Henry Cavill and `Big Bang Theory` actress Kaley Cuoco looked every bit of a couple when they went on a grocery shopping trip in California.

Earth`s most powerful telescope strengthens Big Bang theory

Scientists using the most powerful telescope on Earth has discovered that the moments just after the Big Bang happened more like the theory predicts, eliminating a significant discrepancy that troubled physicists for two decades.

`Black holes are portals to other universes`

Scientists have proposed a new theory that suggests black holes may actually be the portals to other universes.