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This molecular Swiss Army knife can boost biofuel output

Researchers have created a multifunctional hybrid protein that resembles a molecular Swiss Army knife in cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, organisms that have many potential uses for making green chemicals or biofuels.

Sugarcane biomass used to produce 'green' jet fuel

Researchers, including those of Indian-origin, have developed a new method to produce 'eco-friendly' aviation fuel from sugarcane biomass that could lead to substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Microalgae may provide gen-next biofuels

Microalgae may provide gen-next biofuels

Scientists have sequenced the genome of a microalgae species and provided exciting hints at the roots of its ability to grow and produce oil at the same time.

This is how plant biomass can be converted into biofuels more efficiently

A new study has recently revealed that plant genetic advance could lead to more efficient conversion of plant biomass to biofuels.

Now, plants to power planes!

Biofuels may soon become a low-cost and environment-friendly alternative to costly jet fuels as researchers have developed a new technology to transform lignocellulosic biomass into a jet fuel surrogate.

Biofuels from corn less beneficial than reported: Study

Biofuels from corn residue may be less beneficial than previously thought as a study has found using corn crop residue to make ethanol and other biofuels reduces soil carbon and can generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline.

First functional `designer chromosome` in yeast developed from scratch

Researchers have synthesized the first functional chromosome in yeast, an important step in the emerging field of synthetic biology, designing microorganisms to produce novel medicines, raw materials for food, and biofuels.

Enzyme discovery to help develop efficient biofuels

In a breakthrough, scientists have discovered a family of enzymes that will help develop effective second generation biofuels to be used in vehicles.

`Effective` second gen biofuels closer to reality

Researchers have made a breakthrough in developing second generation of biofuels; they have found a family of enzymes that can degrade hard-to-digest biomass into its constituent sugars.

India, Finland to explore solar energy application

India and Finland will explore solar energy applications for oil and gas projects as the two nations step up cooperation in several areas.

Algae being engineered to make `wonder material` for biofuels

Scientists behind a new project believed that they have reached an advanced stage in their effort to turn algae into solar-powered factories for producing the "wonder material" nanocellulose.

Oil industry sees no threat from electric car

The balance is seen coming from biofuels, natural gas and electricity.

New ‘super’ yeast turns pine into ethanol

A “super strain” of yeast can efficiently ferment ethanol from pre-treated pine.

Panda poop may help in the making of biofuels

Panda poop contains bacteria, which could break down plant material in the way needed to tap biomass as a major new source of “biofuels``.

Biobutanol from wood ‘the next generation of biofuels’

Butanol has high energy density and can be pumped right into existing gas pipeline.

Jatropha holds potential for sustainable aviation fuel

Jatropha can deliver strong environmental and socio-economic benefits.

‘Green’ adhesives could make biofuels more economically viable

In a new study, researchers have determined that an adhesive used in products like laminate countertops may also help cement a place for economically viable biofuels.

New energy-efficient method could revolutionize production of biofuels

A team of scientists has developed a more energy-efficient method of chemical separations that could revolutionize processes in the petrochemical and biofuels industries.