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Five bad habits that shorten your lifespan!

Making a few changes in your lifestyle can slow the ageing process and help you live longer.

Inflammatory arthritis can be regulated by our biological clock: Study

Researchers have found that a protein created by the body's “biological clock” can regulate the disease which explains why the human body is often found to be stiff in the morning.

Menopause, insomnia may accelerate ageing

The dual research suggested that menopause and insomnia can increase risk for ageing-related diseases and earlier death in women.

Want to sync your body clock? Eat magnesium-rich diet!

Shift work, time zone changes or sudden change in routine are some of the reasons that causes Circadian rhythm disorders commonly known as delayed phase sleep disorder.

NASA reveals astronauts are 'sleep-deprived' in space!

NASA reveals astronauts are 'sleep-deprived' in space!

A new NASA research reveals that astronauts are 'sleep-deprived' in space.

Now, a `switch` to reverse biological clock!

For the first time, scientists have pinpointed a chemical ‘switch’ that can reverse the "biological clock" by making human muscles younger and
stronger .