Biomedical research

Indian-origin team develops novel gel for biomedical research

A team of Indian-origin researchers from the Harvard University has developed a novel, truly biocompatible hydrogel that can speed up research and development of several promising applications in tissue engineering.

May 04, 2015, 12:18 PM IST

Apple launches mobile platform for biomedical research

Tech giant Apple has launched ResearchKit, an iPhone-based platform that researchers can use to design and administer app-based studies.

Mar 10, 2015, 19:22 PM IST

New method brings regenerative medicine closer to reality

Researchers have created a novel technique that lays down the groundwork for major advances in regenerative medicine, drug screening and biomedical research.

Aug 13, 2013, 22:20 PM IST

US to reduce chimpanzees` use in research

The US government has said it will substantially reduce the use of chimpanzees in biomedical research and send into retirement most of the 360 chimpanzees it currently owns or supports.

Jun 27, 2013, 18:41 PM IST