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Prostate cancer: One in four men can avoid biopsy with MRI scan

Prostate cancer: One in four men can avoid biopsy with MRI scan

Multi-parametric MRI (MP-MRI) scans provide information about the cancer's size, how densely packed its cells are and how well connected to the bloodstream it is, so could help differentiate between aggressive and harmless cancers.

Breast lumps: What are they? Is it cancer?

Breast lumps: What are they? Is it cancer?

Breast lumps can be caused by infections, injuries, cancer, breast cysts, etc.

Skin cancer treatment may improve with new tattoo ink!

Tattoos can have medical applications too. 

Soon, simple, accurate non-invasive prostate cancer test

A new research has brought an accurate, highly specific test for prostate cancer closer to reality with the help of RNA sequencing.

Blood-based biopsy to improve cancer detection

A new blood-based biopsy that requires analysing a sample equivalent to one drop of blood can make cancer detection a lot simpler, says a new study.

Medicity introduces breast biopsy treatment

The Medicity, a multi-speciality institute located in Gurgaon, today introduced the 'scar free breast biopsy' treatment, which ensures 99 per cent scar free detection and removal of breast cancer tumour, for the first time in India.

New imaging method could eliminate unnecessary biopsies

A new low-cost, portable, battery-powered microendoscope could eventually eliminate the need for costly biopsies for many cancer patients, shows a clinical study of patients in the US and China.

False breast cancer alarm can affect women for years

The psychological strain of being informed that you may have breast cancer may be severe even if it turns out to be a false alarm, a study has found.

New urine test improves prostate cancer detection: Study

 A new urine-based test has improved prostate cancer detection compared to traditional methods, says a study.

Way to detect cancer without biopsy found

A Brazilian scientist has developed a method to detect cancer before initial symptoms appear and without the need for a biopsy.

Teens with breast lumps may not need biopsy

 Breast cancer is rare in adolescents and an ultrasound examination might eliminate the need for biopsy in many teenage girls with breast lumps, suggests new research led by an Indian-origin scientist.

MRI may one day replace biopsy: Study

A new imaging technique that shows the difference between normal and cancerous cells may one day make biopsies a thing of the past.

Self-breast exam can do more harm: Expert

A self-breast check campaign launched by The Sun newspaper in Britain to make women aware of breast cancer risks may actually harm women, a reputed physician has warned.

New device allows scientists to operate on living cells

Scientists have developed a device that can take a "biopsy" of a living cell, sampling minute volumes of its contents without killing it.

Simple breath test could help detect stomach cancer

A quick and simple breath test can diagnose stomach cancer, a new study has revealed.