Third Dutch chicken farm infected with bird flu: Government

A third Dutch farm has been hit by an outbreak of bird flu, the government said on Friday, taking the infection to another province in the Netherlands, a leading exporter of eggs and poultry meat.

Second bird flu outbreak found on Dutch farm

Dutch officials have detected a second case of bird flu on a southern Netherlands farm, officials said on Thursday, but could not yet say whether the strain was of a highly contagious variety discovered earlier this week.

Saudi authorities warn against hunting migratory birds

Saudi Arabian authorities have warned citizens against hunting or coming into contact with migratory birds that are currently travelling through the country to avoid bird flu, media reported Wednesday.

Bird flu strain in Britain confirmed as H5N8

The strain of bird flu found at a British farm in north England has been identified as H5N8, the same as the one recently identified in the Netherlands and Germany, authorities said Tuesday.

Bird flu found in UK, Netherlands but authorities say little risk to humans

Bird flu was found on a duck farm in England on Monday days after it was discovered in Dutch chickens, forcing authorities to destroy poultry and restrict exports, although it was not a strain known to be deadly to humans.

Egyptian woman dies of bird flu, second this year

Egyptian health officials say a woman who was diagnosed with bird flu has died, the second fatality from the H5N1 virus this year in the country.

Bird flu outbreak reported on British duck farm

Britain on Sunday reported an outbreak of bird flu at a duck breeding farm in northern England but said that the risk to public health was "very low".

Dutch authorities identify highly contagious bird flu strain

Dutch authorities said on Sunday they had found a highly contagious strain of bird flu at a poultry farm in the central Netherlands and set about destroying 150,00 chickens.

New test to track bird flu mutation

A team of Australian researchers has developed a new test to distinguish between birds that have been vaccinated against the H5N1 strain of the avian influenza virus or bird flu and those which have been naturally infected with the virus.

US govt lab mixed up potent flu strain

A US government laboratory mistakenly mixed a common flu strain with a dangerous and deadly type of bird flu and shipped it to another lab, authorities said today.

Deadly bird flu H7N9 at risk of spreading from China to India, Bangladesh

A new research suggests that a dangerous strain of avian influenza, H7N9, that`s causing severe illness and deaths in China may be inhabiting a small fraction of its potential range and appears at risk of spreading to other suitable areas of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

China reports new bird flu case in humans

One more case of bird flu in humans has been confirmed in China`s Jiangsu province, health authorities said Saturday.

Bird flu detected in Japan, 112,000 chickens to be culled

After two birds tested positive for avian influenza at a Japanese poultry farm Sunday, 112,000 chickens would be culled, the country`s agriculture ministry said.

Japan orders chicken cull after bird flu outbreak in south

Japan has ordered the slaughter of some 112,000 chickens after officials confirmed today bird flu infections at a poultry farm in the south.

Three more bird flu deaths in China

China`s Guangdong province reported three more deaths and four new human cases of H7N9 infection Friday.

China reports four more bird flu cases

Four more people were confirmed to be infected with H7N9 bird flu in two Chinese provinces Friday, authorities said.

Vaccine offers hope for China`s bird flu cases

Researchers in China`s Shanghai city have announced preliminary success in developing a vaccine as the country is witnessing a rise in cases of humans getting affected by bird flu, or H7N9 virus.

Bird flu kills one more in China

An 81-year-old man died of H7N9 avian flu infection Thursday in China`s Fujian province, local health authorities said Friday.

No proof of new birdflu spreading from human to human: China

Chinese health authorities today said that no proof has been found of the H7N9 virus spreading from human to human.

Three of Chinese family infected with H7N9 virus; one dead

A Chinese man has died of?H7N9 bird flu and two other members of his family were infected with the deadly virus, raising concerns about the prospect of human- to-human transmission of disease.