How birds learnt to fly
How birds learnt to fly

Birds have an innate ability to maneuver in mid-air, a talent that could have helped their ancestors learn to fly rather than fall from a perch, says a study.

Flapping baby birds reveal origin of first flight
Flapping baby birds reveal origin of first flight

A new study has revealed a piece of evidence about the origin of flight among earliest birds suggesting that birds had an innate ability to maneuver in midair that helped their ancestors learn to fly.

Bird`s nest that can bring down a tree!

Can a bird`s nest bring down a huge tree? For Africa`s incredible social weaver birds, pulling down a tree is a child`s game.

How hummingbirds evolved a sweet tooth decoded

Hummingbirds have evolved a sweet tooth that sets them apart from other birds and has made them highly specialised nectar feeders, Harvard scientists say.

Bird activists demand ban on manjha

Animal and bird activists on Monday demanded a ban on manjha - kite string made using broken-glass adhesive - arguing it led to the death of 15 birds here as people flew kites on the Independence Day.

Magpies are no trinket thieves

A new study has shown that contrary to folklore, magpies are not attracted to shiny objects and don`t routinely steal small trinkets such as jewellery.

Birds dying of water pollution: Delhi HC seeks report

The Delhi High Court Wednesday asked the environment ministry to collect samples of "contaminated" water in a green forest area in Tughlakabad over a plea alleging that birds and animals were dying because of poisonous and polluted water released from illegal factories.

Long distance migration of new world birds evolved out of North America

A new study has revealed that the long-distance migration of the new world birds evolved out of North America after the researchers analysed more than 750 species of their ancestral ranges.

Study traces dinosaur evolution into early birds

Scientists have mapped how a group of fearsome, massive dinosaurs evolved and shrank to become the first birds.

Migrating birds map routes to prevent interbreeding?

Genes may lead migrating birds to take particular routes to their destination that could prevent interbreeding, suggests a study that tracked hybrids between songbird species.

Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs: Study

In what could alter the textbooks, researchers have declassified dinosaurs as being the great-great-grandparents of birds.

World`s protected areas not protecting biodiversity: Study

Researchers have warned that the world`s protected areas are not safeguarding most of the world`s imperilled biodiversity, and clear changes need to be made on how nations undertake future land protection if wildlife is going to be saved.

Birds throng Bhitarkanika National Park

With the onset of monsoon, thousands of birds have started arriving in Odisha`s Bhitarkanika National Park for nesting, an official said Friday.

Thousands of birds, hundred of animals died in Maharashtra hailstorms: BNHS

Over 65,000 birds and hundreds of mammals were killed and many more injured during the hailstorms in Maharashtra between February and April this year, a report released here Tuesday said.

Nature-inspired flying drones near you soon

Drone of the future will not just deliver pizzas or take a dog to a morning walk, they could be as tiny as insects, enter cramped places for rescue operations or fly like birds when searching vast expanses of land.

Revealed: How dinosaurs shrunk into birds

Dinosaurs are not extinct, go tell this to your kids. There are about 10,000 species alive today - in the form of birds!

Evolutionary distinctness can help save birds from extinction

Scientists said identifying evolutionary distinctness of birds will help them save birds from extinction.

Night owls more likely to be single

Night owls are more likely to be single or in short-term romantic relationships as compared to early birds, a new study has found.

Crows are as clever as your seven-year-old!

Aesop`s fable that told us how smart the thirsty crow was. Scientists have now discovered that crows are as intelligent as a seven-year-old child.

``Missing`` hormone found in birds

Researchers from Ohio-based University of Akron have discovered leptin in the mallard duck, peregrine falcon and zebra finch, marking the first time the hormone has been found in birds.

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