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Baby boy boom among Indian immigrants in Canada

A recent study has found that Indian-born women in Canada, who already have daughters, are giving birth to more males than expected, making the sex ratios skew toward boys.

MRI more accurate than ultrasound to predict preterm birth: Study

 For mothers-to-be, going for an MRI of the cervix area can give more accurate results than ultrasound to predict if some women will give a preterm birth, say researchers.

Why female newborns stay better protected from brain injury

It has been known for some time that male infants are more vulnerable to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) - a type of brain injury - than females, but why this gender difference exists has remained a mystery.

Diabetes risk for South Asians kicks off at birth

 A new research has suggested that the risks of developing type 2 diabetes for South Asians, a group long known to suffer from substantially higher rates of both diabetes and heart disease, begins immediately at birth.

F N Souza's 'Birth' sold for USD 4 mn at New York auction

A painting by F N Souza, one of the founding member of the Indian Progressive Artists' Group, sold for a record over USD 4 million in a Christie's auction in New York, creating a new art record.

Mothers of IVF babies at increased risk of digestive disease

Women who give birth to babies using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) are at increased risk of a chronic digestive disease.

Caught on camera: Anaconda gives birth to live snakes!

Caught on camera: Anaconda gives birth to live snakes!

Behold the wonders of nature! It is very well known that snakes are known to lay eggs when it is about time to release their offspring.

Denied admittance, woman gives birth at health centre gate in UP

A 20-year-old woman gave birth at the main gate of a primary health centre of Budhana town in the district after she was allegedly refused admittance.

Birth order has no effect on IQ level: Study

 The differences between first-borns and "later-borns" are so small that they have no practical relevance to personality or intelligence development of people, says a study.

4 Asiatic lionesses give birth to 11 cubs in Gir National Park

4 Asiatic lionesses give birth to 11 cubs in Gir National Park

Four Asiatic lionesses have given birth to 11 cubs in Gir National Park in Saurashtra region of Gujarat, officials said today.

Baby girl born at Indian Army hospital in quake-hit Nepal named 'Bharati'

A baby girl born at the 60 Para Field Hospital of the Indian Army in quake-hit Sinamangal in Nepal, has been named "Bharati".

Shocker! Cat gives birth to dog

A Chinese man got shocked when his 3-year-old pet cat gave birth to a dog, Chihuahua.

Air smiles: Canadian woman gives birth on Japan flight

 A Canadian woman gave birth aboard a plane to Tokyo after going into labour over the Pacific Ocean, a spokesman for Air Canada said Monday, an event the baby`s father described as "completely unexpected".

Australia-bound Prince Harry set to miss royal birth

Prince Harry seems set to miss the birth of his niece or nephew when he flies back to Australia on Monday, as his sister-in-law Kate waits to go into labour.

One in three US mothers spaces pregnancies too close

 For about a third of US mothers, the inter-pregnancy interval is less than one and half years, says a new study.

Woman in US gives birth to quintuplets in four minutes

A woman has given birth to five baby girls in four minutes at the Houston hospital in US.

Ancient giant lizards gave birth in open oceans

Throwing fresh insight into the initial environment of mosasaurs -- a gigantic marine lizard -- researchers have found that the iconic predator gave birth in the open ocean, not on or near shore.

WHO warns against unnecessarily resorting to C-sections

World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Caesarean sections should be performed only if medically required, as it carries health risks for both women and their babies.

Bihar: Woman gives birth and then writes matric exam

Bihar: Woman gives birth and then writes matric exam.

Cobie Smulders gives birth to second baby

Cobie Smulders gives birth to second baby

'How I Met Your Mother' actress Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders and her husband Taran Killam have welcomed their second child together.