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Hugh Jackman goes bald for Blackbeard role in `Peter Pan`

Actor Hugh Jackman has gone bald to portray the negative role of Blackbeard in the upcoming `Peter Pan` movie `Pan`.

Hugh Jackman set to play Blackbeard in `Peter Pan` prequel?

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has reportedly been approached to play pirate Captain Blackbeard in upcoming `Peter Pan` prequel, after actor Javier Bardem reportedly turned it down.

Blackbeard`s ship yields fresh treasure trove

Archaeologists have unearthed a treasure trove in the wreck of the Queen Anne`s Revenge, which is the flagship in the dread pirate Blackbeard`s fleet.

Two cannon raised from ship captured by 18th-century pirate Blackbeard

Two cannon have been raised from the wreck of a ship named the Queen Anne`s Revenge off the North Carolina coast on Thursday.

Blackbeard`s anchor recovered off NC coast

In 1717, Blackbeard captured a French slave ship and renamed it Queen Anne`s Revenge.

Search for Blackbeard`s booty

Archaeologists aim to recover artefacts from the wreck believed to be Blackbeard’s flagship.