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This crucial protein helps heart stay precisely on rhythm

 A new study has identified a crucial protein that keeps the heart beating on time, which could eventually help in finding potential treatment for deadly heart problems.

Eggs, meat won't give you bad cholesterol: US panel

Much to the delight of egg and meat lovers, a US advisory health panel has determined that dietary restrictions may not affect the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Toxic gas new frontier for regulating hypertension

Widely considered simply a malodourous toxic gas, hydrogen sulfide may help treat high blood pressure, a new study suggests.

3D bone marrow to make platelets on demand

In a major breakthrough that may go a long way in saving lives, scientists have developed a three-dimensional tissue system that can generate functional human platelets.

Foetus's genes, not mother's, may result in preterm births

 Variants in the genetic material of the foetus - not the mother - may be the trigger for some premature births, a research has found.

New light sensor makes painful pinpricks history for diabetics

Say goodbye to good old needles, as scientists have found on new method to measure blood sugar with help of light sensor, which doesn't involve taking the blood.

'Sunderban mangrove has components to cure Type 2 diabetes'

Sundari trees, the most extensively found mangrove species in the Sunderbans, have some components which can bring down the level of Type 2 diabetes, according to a study.

Probiotic pills soon to treat diabetes

Have diabetes? Get ready to pop a probiotic pill each morning to help control your sugar levels.

Canned soup 'doesn't lead' to higher than expected levels of BPA in blood

A new research has revealed that coating the mouth with BPA-containing food, like soup, does not lead to higher than expected levels of BPA in blood.

Acting is in Akshara's blood: Dhanush
Acting is in Akshara's blood: Dhanush

Actor Dhanush says debutant Akshara Haasan has the most challenging role in their forthcoming film "Shamitabh", but she has pulled it off convincingly because acting is in her blood.

Long space missions induce blood shift in astronauts
Long space missions induce blood shift in astronauts

Long space mission induces a blood shift in astronauts from the bottom half of the body to the top that may lead to health problems, say researchers.

New device can diagnose 1000 blood pathogens in 6 hours
New device can diagnose 1000 blood pathogens in 6 hours

Researchers have developed a device that can diagnose 1,000 pathogens in the blood in just six hours and potentially help save thousands of lives each year.

Self-reported daily exercise lowers blood sugar level in body

A new study has recently revealed that self-reported daily exercise helps in reducing blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

DU researchers develop haemoglobin-based blood substitute

Unavailability of blood in emergency situations such as accidents or battlefield trauma will no longer be a problem as a Delhi University department has claimed to have developed a safe and portable blood substitute which can be used irrespective of blood groups.

Dangerously low blood glucose levels in diabetics can be fatal for heart

A new study has confirmed an association between hypoglycaemia and an increased risk of cardiovascular events and mortality in insulin-treated patients with diabetes.

Female sex hormones could protect against blood disorder

Female sex hormones hold promise for treating certain blood disorders in both sexes for which there is currently no cure, a new study says.

33-year-old Manipuri PhD scholar found dead in Delhi

33-year-old Manipuri PhD scholar, Zingran Kengoo, was found dead, lying in a pool of blood with his throat slit at his Kotla residence in south Delhi.

11 new patients test positive for dengue in Indore

 Eleven more persons have been tested positive for dengue, taking the total number of patients who contracted the deadly disease to 85 here, an official said today.

How mosquitoes acquired taste for human blood
How mosquitoes acquired taste for human blood

A new study has revealed that body scent first attracted mosquitoes to acquire the taste for human blood.

Mexican researchers develop chip to detect tumour cells

A group of young Mexican researchers has developed a low-cost technology that detects tumour cells in a blood sample, according to the National Council on Science and Technology (Conacyt).