Candidates caught cheating in Army recruitment exam

Two candidates for an Army recruitment examination were caught cheating in separate incidents using bluetooth devices, an Army officer said on Monday.

Add second screen to smartphone and save battery life

Know how to improve battery life of your smartphone? Attach a second screen.

Smartphone users vote for long battery life

Forget games, camera or the new friend-making app. For most of British people, battery life of a smartphone is what concern them the most.

Umbrella that gives you rain data via smart phone!

Though rains are still some days away, buying this umbrella that can collect rain data won`t be a bad idea.

Wear this tiny device as earrings to download software!

As people wait anxiously for the wearable computer device Google Glass to be launched later this year, a tiny computer worn on the ear that can be controlled by eye or tongue movements is in the offing.

Now, lift heavy objects with smartphone-controlled app!

A new smart device allows users to lift heavy objects all with a smartphone controlled app.

Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health

Hapifork, launched earlier this year, helps you maintain perfect timing between your bites so that you can remain healthy without counting steps on.

New microchip can transmit data 1000 times faster than Bluetooth

Scientists have developed a revolutionary microchip that can transmit large volumes of data at ultra-high speeds of 2 Gigabits per second.

A device that elevates iPad`s keyboard

Even if you love the iPad, you`re probably not keen to write your next novel using its on-screen virtual keyboard. You may not be thrilled to type up a lengthy email with it, either.

Now, think-dial to make phone calls!

The new technology works by responding to cues from the brain.

New Bluetooth alarm won’t let you lose your mobile

A firm in Edinburgh has designed a Bluetooth-based alarm that can tell absent-minded technology geeks when they have left their mobile phone or laptop behind.