Bobby Jindal moves closer to announcing US presidential bid

 Setting his sights on the White House, Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has formed an exploratory committee to look into the possibility of mounting a credible challenge as a Republican nominee for the 2016 US presidential bid.

Bobby Jindal testing waters for 2016 presidential run

Louisiana`s Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal has taken another step towards a possible 2016 presidential run by forming an exploratory committee and launching a national website,

Bobby Jindal moves step closer to announcing presidential bid

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Monday moved a step closer to his 2016 US presidential bid by announcing that he is forming an exploratory committee in this regard.

US presidential race: Hillary Clinton leads Democrats, no Republican

 Despite questions about the Clinton Foundation and her use of private email as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton starts her second presidential bid as a Democratic favourite, while no frontrunner has emerged among the Republicans.

Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal getting little traction for 2016

Republican Gov Bobby Jindal's focus on states important in the US presidential campaign is drawing lots of criticism in his home state and doing little apparent good for his 2016 prospects.

Presidential hopeful Jindal's Louisiana budget does not fund primary

Louisiana officials are scrambling to find the money to stage a primary election next year after Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential presidential candidate, did not provide funding in his annual budget.

Jindal jumps into letter war with Obama over Iran

Louisiana`s Indian-American governor Bobby Jindal has jumped into a war of words between the White House and Senate Republicans over a letter to the government of Iran on a potential deal over its nuclear programme.

Decision on running for US prez in couple of months: Bobby​ Jindal

Republican leader Bobby Jindal has said he will decide on his 2016 presidential run in the next couple of months.

Obama unfit to be commander-in-chief: Bobby Jindal

Republican leader Bobby Jindal has said that Barack Obama is unfit to be commander-in-chief, as he slammed the US President for repeatedly refusing to commit resources needed to defeat radical Islamic terrorists.

Louisiana Guv Bobby Jindal slams liberals for being obsessed with race

 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lashed out at liberals for their obsession with race, saying that dividing people on the basis of their skin colour is "the dumbest thing".

Bobby Jindal's potrait sparks race row

A portrait of Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has sparked a racial controversy in the US with the Republican presidential aspirant appearing to be a white man in the painting instead of his actual skin tone.

Bobby Jindal has identity crisis, says US Congressman

Lashing out at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for recently stating that he is American and not 'Indian American', an influential US lawmaker, who is highly regarded among Indian Americans, has said that Jindal has an "identity crisis".

Committee created to boost Bobby Jindal presidential bid

Republican supporters of Gov Bobby Jindal have created a fund raising committee to back a possible 2016 presidential campaign by the Louisiana governor.

We came to US to become Americans not Indian-Americans: Bobby Jindal

Asserting that he didn't believe in hyphenated identities, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said that his parents came to the US from India four decades ago to become Americans and not Indian-Americans.

Indian-American Kamala Harris to run for US senate

California`s Indian-American Attorney General Kamala Harris, a "good friend" of President Barack Obama, has thrown her hat into the ring for the 2016 race to replace fellow Democrat veteran Barbara Boxer in the US Senate.

Weighing 2016 bid, US Governor ​Bobby Jindal travels to Iowa

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal returns on Tuesday to Iowa, a small heartland state that plays an outsized role in the presidential nominee process, where he'll meet with pastors and again look for support among Christian evangelicals for a possible White House campaign.

CIA torture report: Bobby Jindal defends George Bush

Indian-American Louisiana Governor and rising Republican star Bobby Jindal has said the release of a Senate committee report on CIA's detention and harsh interrogation techniques is aimed at attacking former president George W Bush.

US faces greatest military challenge from China: Jindal

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has lashed out at Chinese military buildup, saying the US today faces the greatest military challenge from China.

Need to exterminate ISIS: Bobby Jindal

Indian American Bobby Jindal has called for the extermination of the ISIS, saying the terrorist group has declared a war on the US and mere containing the oufit is the not the way forward.

Bobby Jindal sues Obama Administration over Common Core policy

Indian American governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal today sued the Obama administration, accusing it of hijacking federal grants to coerce states to adopt Common Core educational standards and assessments, thus violating the federal law and the Constitution.